Velvet Energy Ltd. Sponsors Captain Nichola Goddard Award in Calgary

Chris Theal, President of the Royal Military Colleges Foundation and CFO of Velvet Energy Ltd., shares his thoughts on the legacy of The Birchall leadership award below:

“Proud that Velvet sponsored the award and attended this great event. Also proud as President of the RMC Foundation and it’s legacy with the award. Click here to understand the esteemed list of recipients and the history of Air Commodore Birchall. Quite a story and hero.” Chris Theal

“On the heels of International Women’s Day, Velvet Energy proudly sponsored the Captain Nichola Goddard Roundtable & Reception presented by True Patriot Love Foundation. This event honours women in the Canadian Armed Forces | Forces armées canadiennes by bringing together military members, business leaders and community partners to provide insight and inspire discussion surrounding the unique experiences of women who serve. Special congratulations to Beckie Scott, O.C. for receiving the Birchall Leadership Award, which commemorates women who lead in the face of difficulty or adversity to promote the welfare and safety of others. ” – Velvet Energy Ltd.

“A huge thank you to our guests, speakers and sponsors for the recent Capt. Nichola Goddard events in Vancouver and Calgary, presented by Bennett Jones. We are thrilled to share that together, both events raised a grand total of $70,000 for the Capt. Nichola Goddard Fund! This fund supports programs that provide critical resources for servicewomen, Veteran women and families in need. #GoddardLeadership”- True Patriot Love Foundation.



  • Ron Stewart

    March 25, 2020 at 11:00 am

    I did not know Nichola Goddard, but was incredibly moved by her death. Here is a poem and comment I wrote back in 2006.
    Nichola Goddard was the first female soldier to die in conflict possibly ever in the history of Canadian involvement in foreign wars. In this tribute I tried to bring a sense of who she was.
    By all accounts she was an outstanding soldier and officer in the Canadian armed forces. The sword represents her oath of allegiance
    She was also an outstanding graduate of the Royal Military College in Kingston, and as such I felt that the memorial arch should be part of this, her tribute. I also mention the scarlet which is a reference to the scarlet tunic worn by all cadets. Of course the pipes and drums of the Royal Military College are mentioned as well, as this marching band is also symbolic of the college.
    The poem starts by reminding us of the Rupert Brooke poem “The Dead”.
    The first three lines from this poem are chisled into the stone at the top of the memorial arch and are quoted as the last three lines of this tribute.
    The Arch for Nichola

    Blow soft you strong winds over the rich dead
    let bugles sound sad mourning strains
    as we step slow march to the
    rrrrum, pum, pum
    of the kilties’ lament
    on their pipes,
    on their drums.

    Nichola we scarcely knew you,
    but your oath
    to the sword
    and the scarlet
    lived on in your heart,
    in your passing
    survives in the courage
    of your blood.

    We shadow your flag draped casket
    step by step,
    two by two,
    to the beat
    of the drummers’
    slow slide.
    Mortal clay
    uplifted by comrades
    is where youth,
    and valour reside.

    Through the arch,
    the fire and the scarlet
    race wild
    through our deep troubled veins;
    reigniting the steel of our passion
    to honour your young life’s remains

    Chisled stone,
    doorway to past memory,
    foundation and conception of our lives
    the meaning of your words
    still remembered
    Death is life’s only true prize.

    Blow out you bugles over the rich dead
    There’s none of these so lonely and poor of old
    that dying has made us rarer gifts than gold
    ©Ron Stewart 2006