Wall of Honour & Memorial Arch front and centre Reunion Weekend


  • Wall of Honour Ceremony – 2015

  • March to and from the Memorial Arch –Not the same coming back


Wall of Honour Ceremony – 2015

26659 OCdt Danielle Andela

The large group of spectators at this year’s Reunion Weekend Wall of Honour Ceremony had the great fortune to honour two incredible ex-cadets and an equally prominent former RMCC Dean. All three had a substantial influence in Canada and have been honoured not only as soldiers, but also as leaders, public servants and volunteers!

The first member featured on the Wall of Honour is H2951 General Ramsey Muir Withers, CMM, CD, D Eng, D Mil Sc, P Eng. A Royal Roads graduate of 1952, General Withers held several prominent positions such as Chief of Defence Staff, Deputy Minister of Transport and Chairman of the Canadian War Museum Committee and is well known for chairing the “Withers Report” which was implemented to ensure the future of the Royal Military College of Canada. General Withers is remembered as a humble gentleman with a “powerful personality” and was represented by his daughter Deidre and her husband John; and their daughter Samantha.

The second member featured on the Wall of Honour is H8829 Colonel, the Honorable George Francis Gillman Stanley, CC, CD, DPhil, FRSC, FRHSC (Hon). Serving as a Lieutenant in the New Brunswick Rangers as an infantry training officer, Colonel Stanley has also held positions such as Deputy Director in the Historical Section at Canadian Army Headquarters and as an RMC History professor. He published many important academic works including “Canada’s Soldiers, 1604-1954: The Military History of an Unmilitary People, 1954”. It was George Stanley who presented the RMC Flag design as an option for the new Canadian Flag, suggesting the red outer bars with a maple leaf in the center. He was an Officer of the Order of Canada and was represented by his daughter Dr. Della Stanley and her husband the Hon. Mr. Justice Thomas Cromwell; son-in-law John Blackwell and Dr. Stanley’s granddaugher, Ruthie.

The third member featured on the Wall of Honour is H7860, Lieutenant-General, the Honourable Roméo Antonius Dallaire, OC, CMM, GOQ, MSC, CD. Known for his heroic actions which resulted in the saving of 32 000 Rwandans from massacre. He served in positions such as Commander of the 1st Canadian Division and Deputy Commander, Canadian Land Forces. Lieutenant-General Dallaire also served on the UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Committee on Genocide Prevention as well as many other UN Advisor positions. His current goal is the eradication of the use of child soldiers in conflict. Since he was attending the event in person, many lucky spectators had the opportunity to speak briefly with Lieutenant-General Dallaire and shake his hand.

The reception afterwards was a fantastic opportunity for many ex-cadets and current cadets to mingle and enjoy some coffee and snacks. The ceremony was an emotional one and having the honourees families present to unveil their late family member’s plaques made it even more moving.

More photos from the Wall of Honour ceremony by Denice Zoretich – Here



March to and from the Memorial Arch –Not the same coming back

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The Memorial Arch Ceremony is an opportunity for the ex-cadets of the  Military Colleges of Canada to march  through the Memorial Arch and on their return stand face to face with the current Cadet Wing.

This year like most Reunion Weekends, at the ‘fall-in’, many of the Classes of Ex Cadets and Old Brigade members are joking around and the atmosphere is pretty joyful. At first glance, one would think it was comparable to herding a bunch of cattle. After two – three days of partying with classmates one should not be surprised. After all for this group – it is ‘Ex Cadet Weekend’.

However, something happens on the way to the Memorial Arch. A solemn ceremony takes place there; headed by the Honourary Chaplain – 8457 Rev P.W. Robinson. The reading of the names of fallen and departed Ex Cadets over the past 12 months in itself is serious. Also, many are of course thinking of former classmates who have passed away over the years.

On the way back to the parade square – one would never believe that this was the same group who had marched off less than an hour earlier.

This ceremony brought the weekend to a close. Handshakes and hugs soon took place and reinvigorated the Cadet Wing for the upcoming months of hard work and excellence in all four pillars.

Congratulations to all those who worked as a team over the past number of weeks to pull-off a terrific reunion. You have much to be proud!

The Awards and Presentations

The Captain Nichola Goddard Memorial Sword is presented to the Cadet deemed to be the best ROTP artillery cadet entering fourth year. 22458 Captain Goddard, who graduated in 2002, was killed in action serving her country in Afghanistan on the 17th of May 2006. Her professionalism, exceptional leadership, and love for life will not be forgotten. The sword was donated by the late H17417 Honorary Colonel. Judge John Ross Matheson, OC, CD. The sword was presented by the senior serving gunner on parade, 14835 MGen Eric Tremblay, Commander Military Personnel Generation

Recipient: 26653 OCdt Michael Cherry

The Captain Matthew Dawe Memorial Sword will be presented later in the school year as the recipient: 26692 OCdt Davy Ackerman was away on duty.

8469 Jim Simpson (RMC ’70) was presented with the President’s Award. (details in an upcoming Issue of e-Veritas)


More photos from march to the Memorial Arch and back by James Howells and Melanie Hughes – Here