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The photograph found here is a picture of the 2 Sqn (LaSalle) recruit flight completing the obstacle course in October 1985.


I’ve bounced the photo to a couple of my fellow flight mates and the consensus is that it is Rob Boyd at the bottom pushing the tires up, on the ropes (left to right) are Lance Webb, Phil Wiggins and Mike Thomson. On the top of the wall is Clayton Smith.

The picture was probably taken on Oct 4, 1985 (the Friday of the ex-cadet weekend in 1985)

16887 Sean McKnight















I now refer to a photo of the RMC basketball team (probably the 1955 / 56 season). Members that I can identify are/were my Classmates:

Back row:

1. In College uniform, left side, 3641 Ian McLachlan – team manager;

2. RMC 12, 3625 Art Wade (now deceased);

3. RMC 7, 3518 Joe Corej (now deceased);

Front row:

1. RMC 4, 3528 Paul Manson;

2. RMC 15,3590 Peter Howe (now deceased);

3. RMC 13, 3573 Bob Murray;

4. RMC 66, 3671 Norm Freeman.

The officer at the centre of the front row was Squadron Leader Tony Golab – team coach.

I hope that this may be of some help with the archives.

Yours aye,

3506 Ron Capern

Class (RR ’54 and RMC ’56) Secretary


 This picture was taken for the yearbook just after we marched off the Square in October, 1939. In case the College wants names, and you feel like sending them, the names are:

2551 CSM Wurtele, DG

2535, CSM Mitchell, GD

2552, CSM Young, WH

2529, BSM Hull, AC

2543 CSM Saunders, DMC

2530, CSM Lye, WK

2515 CSM Baker, GC

You may be interested to know that Doug Wurtele was the grandson of the first college graduate!

2515 George Baker



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  • 3342 Craig Moffatt

    July 1, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    The photo referred to by Ron Capern appeared on p.101 of the 1955 RMC Review. It is the Senior Basketball Team (not the Junior Team as captioned in the Review!). Ron has a done a good job identifying most of the team members – all are listed in the Review but by surname only. The Junior Team is shown on the same page, again with surnames only.
    3342 Craig Moffatt