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Several online biographies state that Colonel James Walker studied at
the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston. Based on his date
of birth of 1846 and entrance as a Captain at 20 years of age in
1866, wouldn’t that make him a cadet a decade or so before RMC was
founded in 1876? He’s a facinating guy: he was named Calgary’s
Citizen of the Century in 1975; he founded the Calgary Agricultural
Society (forerunner of the Calgary Stampede), and his former home in
Inglewood is currently a bird sanctuary. A park, building, school,
Mount and Creek in Alberta were all named in his honour in Alberta.
Did he attend RMC?


E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC ’03)

This particular Walker did not attend RMC. In 1876, when RMC was just opening, James Walker was already a Superintendent in the North West Mounted Police. Prior to joining the NWMP Walker had served as a militia officer and it is his earlier militia training that some confuse with cadet training at RMC. Indeed the website actually states that “he attended the School of Gunnery which is now the Royal Military College Kingston, Ontario”. The School of Gunnery, which was located at Tete de Pont Barracks (now called Fort Frontenac) actually pre-dates RMC and it still soldiers on today as 1 RCHA. Most, if not all, militia artillery NCOs and officers in the post-Confederation era would have taken their qualification training here in Kingston, but not at RMC.
Colonel James Walker was an important Canadian – but wasn’t an ex-cadet.

8057 Ross McKenzie (RMC ’70), Curator, RMC Museum


Dear PSP Sport and Rec Staff and CF Triathlon Community Athletes,

The CF Triathlon Program is happy to announce the 2008 CF Triathlon Invitational Championships to be held 11-13 July at the Lac Leamy, Gatineau, QC.

Cher représentant de sport PSP et récréatif et communauté d’athlète de triathlon des Forces.

Le programme de Triathlon des Forces est heureux d’annoncer la tenue d’un championnnat de triathlon des forces qui se tiendra du 11 au 13 juillet 2008 au Lac Leamy, Gatineau QC.


This CF Championships will be the stepping stone to establishing the format and competitor base necessary to hopefully launch a full fledged CF Nationals as part of the National Sports Program in 2009. This years event will be very similar in nature to the CF Running Nationals but is being held under the auspices of the CF International Sports Program as a means to identify and develop the CF Triathlon Community and the CISM Triathlon Program.

Please see the attached invitation for additional details. Joining Instructions will be promulgated on the 25 June application deadline.

For additional information please contact your local PSP Sports staff or email [email protected]

We are building a CF Triathlon Community Database so please forward this email to those who I’ve missed or you think may be interested. If you CC me we can add them to our dist list.

Thank you for your support and participation,

Jason Lawton
CF Triathlon
Program Development Coordinator
CISM Manager
902-721-7896 (w)
902-401-0337 (c)

Cher représentant de sport PSP et récréatif et communauté d’athlète de triathlon des Forces.

Le programme de Triathlon des Forces est heureux d’annoncer la tenue d’un championnnat de triathlon des forces qui se tiendra du 11 au 13 juillet 2008 au Lac Leamy, Gatineau QC.

Ce championnat des Forces Canadiennes sera la première étape pour établir un format et une base de compétition nécessaire en prévision du démarrage futur d’une compétition de triathlon National qui sera intégré au programme de sport National pour 2009. Pour cette année, l’événement sera similaire au format de du Championnat de course National de course qui est sous la tutelle du programme de sport international des Forces pour identifier et élargir la communauté d’athlète de triathlon dans les forces et dans le programme CISM.

Pour de plus amples informations, veuillez contacter votre représentant de PSP de votre base ou envoyez un courriel à [email protected]

Nous bâtissons un réseau dans la communauté d’athlète de triathlon, S.V.P. distribuez ce courriel à tout les athlètes que dans les forces que noua aurions manqué ou qui aurait un intérêt pour le programme ou le Championnat.. Si vous m’ajoutez à cette liste, nous pourrons vous mettre sur notre liste de distribution.

Merci beaucoup pour votre support et participation.

Jason Lawton
CF Triathlon
coordinateur du programme de développement
Gérant du CISM
902-721-7896 (tr)

One Comment

  • Lionel Boxer

    July 3, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    Further to the question about Colonel James Walker and his attendance at the RCHA training facility in Kingston.

    My great-great-great uncle, Colonel Sidney Lewis Penhorwood MVO OBE appears to have attended the same facility (which may explain why the Soo Rifles evolved into a Gunner unit). A connection with RMC is that Col Penhorwood and Billy Bishop were photographed with George V. Here is a letter that was provided to me by Penhorwood’s neice (Colonel Mock was my great great grand father):

    To Whom it may concern:

    My mother was born in Devon, England, her maiden name being Elizabeth MOCK, her brother was Colonel Stephen MOCK of Swansea. My father (Thomas) was a Captain in the 3rd Glamorganshire Rifles.

    I attended a special course with “A Battery” at Kingston, Ontario in 1886 under Colonel Cotton, Major Drury and Captain Houdon. I was with the Sault Mountain Battery from 1886 until it was disbanded.

    In 1911, I organized the 51st, Sault Rifles with the rank of Lieutenant Col. and later on organized the 37th Battalion bud did not go overseas in 1915 with them as I was kept in Canada on recruiting duties.

    However I arrived overseas in 1915 with the 138th Battalion and was appointed Assistant Director of Timber Operations. I remained overseas until November of 1919 winding up Forestry Corps business. On my return I was transferred to the reserve.

    After may appointment as A.D.T.O. the late King George gave me the use of Virginia Water Cottage and grounds in Windsor Park for my personal use. I have dined with the Royal Family at Windsor Castle five times, also at Sandringham, Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle.

    I returned to my former dredging and construction business.

    In my younger days I was employed by the Canadian Government as location Engineer all through the construction of the Canadian Sault Ste. Marie Ship Canal and lock.

    I am a member of the Church of England.

    I receive no pension of any sort. I am also Chairman of the local Parks Board, which position I have held for the past eighteen years.”

    Respectfully yours,

    Colonel S.L. Penhorwood MVO OBE

    August 28, 1951