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We get emails

I graduated from CMR in 1979 with Gen Walt Natynczyk. In fact, we were in the same squadron (Vaudreuil). Your recent three-picture frame reminded me of one feature I remember most about Walt: His infectious smile.


12027 Alain Brizard (CMR ’79)






Excellent newsletter, as always. I was interested to see the reference to a US soldier suing the Army for “unconstitutional” discrimination. In ten years in the Canadian military, I did not witness anything as pointed as the problems he mentions in the US Army. However there was always a kind of overarching assumption of religious belief, enough to make a non-believer feel estranged at times. It is not easy to find freedom FROM religion.


It seems logical to me that the military is the wrong place to emphasize religious faith. The military relies on team building and efficient decision-making, things that can easily be distorted by belief in the supernatural. How can one military group call for intervention by its God to favour it over the “enemy”, who may be equally religious? I wonder whether others share this concern.


Thank you,
6938 GAJ Smith (RMC ’66)




Opening of College Militaire Royal
I had the opportunity to attend the opening ceremony of College Militaire Royal. The Governor General was present as well as the CDS and the Minister of National Defense. I, and some 30 of my former classmates became part of the Old Brigade at it was 50 years since we entered CMR in 1958. It was very nice to see them some after 50 years. It was simply wonderful to see that the college is opened again. The ceremony was in the grand tradition of the military doing things well, very well!I always read Veritas and enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work.


5718 Jim Cadieux (CMR RMC ’63)




We’re organizing the Class of 1978’s 30th Reunion and I just came across an article in Quebec Entreprise magazine on Luc Maurice who is a CMR ’78 graduate.


The link


11623 John Carswell (CMR RMC ’78)




Thanks for the note and resending of the current e-Veritas. I have had some peculiar problems with my computer lately, all of which I have not yet been able to cure, and I blamed it.


I was, however, able to see #23 by going through the RMC site.




4135 George W. Hosang (RMC ’58)