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We get emails

We received the following e-mail from a “life-time” member of the Club who graduated from RMC in the last 10 years or so. If there are any readers out there who may be able to steer this young man in the right direction – please contact Bill Oliver and I will send the necessary coordinates….

“I am looking to make a career change. Do you know of anyone who may be able to offer insight or advice about working on the business side of the music industry? Any information you may be able to pass along would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time Bill.”

Signed: Life member of the Club


I’ve just finished reading Issue 24, and particularly enjoyed the article about “Helicopters over RMC” and the cadets that were “repelled out of them.” I guess they forgot their deodorant that day. A proofreader ( where are they when you need them ? ) would probably have substituted the word “rappelled.”

2924 Ted Macdonald (RMC ’52)


Issue 24 of Veritas contains an article about OCdts “repelling” from a helicopter. The Concise The Oxford Dictionary I was issued at Royal Roads defines “repel” as “Drive back, repulse, ward off…”. So I doubt that the OCdts were really “repelling”. However, they may have been rapelling from the helicopter, which comes from the French word rappeler – to remember. This is also known in the German as abseilling.

4586 Robin Carter (RRMC RMC ’59)

Ed: Tks for keeping us on our toes!!


  • 4135 George W. Hosang

    July 24, 2008 at 5:48 pm

    Just so we “Clunk” drivers are not left out (after the comment re Sabres), I was attracted to the RCAF and a burning desire to fly the CF-100 when I first saw the newspaper photo of its black prototype with the white lightning streaks along the engine nacelles. A few years later, an RMC graduation diploma, a U of T BSc under my arm and a new set of wings on my chest, off I went to 4OTU at Cold Lake for CF-100 conversion. Subsequent posting to 425 Alouette Squadron at St. Hubert was one of the greatest highlights and achievements of my life and I just loved to fly that bird.