Thank You!

You have no idea how difficult it is to read about RMC and the FYOP weekend etc…..and NOT having someone there anymore!
Tom would have loved to have been there but the distance is definitely working against him! Shilo is not as close as Petawawa would have been!
I didn’t realize how much we would miss all the goings-on at RMC! I am thrilled that we are at least connected by Everitas and thank you and Rolande for all you do to keep everyone ‘connected’.
I look forward to reading more issues and remembering back to when Tom used to be there!
Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend….

Halina Dinner


Just a short note to congratulate you for the superb job you are doing with E-Veritas. In particular, that last issue took me an hour to read and I still have not completed downloading the ‘March to the Arch’ as we are on dial up in the woods here. Maybe, if Harper is re-elected, I can convince him to put a ‘military’ tower out here for me!!

Your CMR stuff was also an excellent job – tell Roberts from me, as that will astonish him.

3010 Peter McLoughlin


Thanks for everything last weekend. The family really enjoyed themselves.

I did miss playing some sort of ex-cadet hockey game though.

It will have to wait another 5 years. (not my next visit to the college – but an ex-cadet weekend).

Take care,

16455 Tim Lannan


Thanks for the extra effort in bringing the Obstacle Course videos and random interviews up close and personal. This e.Veritas was one of the best for those of us who couldn’t be there in person this year. Really shows the place seems to be getting things right, even early on in new cadet’s lives.

Wing “swim” meet was a great reminder when rookies all went for a morning run the first week – right off the old dock, wearing those warm but itchy sweaters to break the ice, of course. Great idea for a new tradition – looked like a lot fun for the III’s and IV’s. Now to get boxing and the old rifle range back in?

Thanks again for thinking of us, as always!

8035 Don Gates


Congratulations on an excellent issue of e-Veritas!
The photos and the excellent interviews of the chain of command and the
principal of RMC make for great reading.

Thanks for such a great work.

Monique Haggar
Professeur de français langue seconde
Centre des langues