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We get emails


Former residents of Rideout Row aka Hogans Alley, Cathy Sheppard wants to hear from you!

I was wondering if you and / or your e-Veritas readers could assist me. I am doing some research on the building that CDA HQ is located in Rideout Row (also known as Hogans Alley).

It was built in 1908 and this being the 100th anniversary we were trying to come up with a special display.

What I would like to get a hold of are pictures of the building inside and out of what it looked like when it was living quarters.

Is there a way of contacting former cadets requesting that they send any old pictures that they might have of when they lived here?

We were hoping to do a display board of old pictures.

Any ideas of how I could do this? Thanks, looking forward to any assistance you and / or your readers can offer.

Cathy Sheppard

Cathy Sheppard,
DPD Records Clerk
Canadian Defence Academy/L’Académie canadienne de la Défense
Kingston, Ontario
*Comm: (613) 541-5010 ext 3645
*CSN/DSN: 271-3645
*(613) 541-6908
* [email protected]