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Bill – I don’t usually take issue with you but I don’t think that the George Cross is equivalent to the VC. The VC is for in action and the George Cross is for something outstanding not in the face of action. I say that because I knew Air Commodore Ross and his wife very well and said to him one night when I was at Staff College in the Fort Frontenac Mess that it was the equivalent and he jumped all over me. A few nights later when Commodores in the RCAF were to be called Brigadier-Generals and said I guess I can call you Brigadier-General from now on. He replied that as far as you are concerned SMITH I will always be Air Commodore Ross. I never called him Brigadier-General again.

S103  Harky Smith


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  • Murray Johnston

    April 22, 2014 at 4:26 am

    Bill, RRA22 Colonel William Marsh was awarded the George Medal in 1957 for saving the life of a downed pilot at CFB Chtham in 1957. Bill served in South Vietnam with the ICCS in 1973.