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6940 Ron Stewart sent in the following in response to last editions look back at Flag Day (see here):

Sorry I missed the opportunity to comment on the Flag Day article.
I too was on parade Feb 15 1965. Since that time I have reflected, researched and remembered that momentous occasion.

Back in 1965 I was a cadet at the Royal Military College. Dr George Stanley was dean of arts at that time, he was also my English Prof. Dr Stanley and his friend the Hon John Matheson, MP for Kingston and the Islands were talking one day about the proposal for the new flag. Matheson was head of the flag committee struck by Lester Pearson. Prof. Stanley suggested that the RMC flag be used as a model for Canada’s new flag. The RMC flag has a mailed fist clutching 3 green maple leafs and above it a crown. Prof Stanley suggested removing the mailed fist etc., and replacing it with a single red maple leaf. This is of course was the design that was ultimately accepted.

On Feb 15 1965 Canada’s new flag was raised for the first time at the parliament of Canada.The flag was lowered and then brought down to Kingston where it now resides.

I was on parade that day and stood proud at attention while Canada’s new flag was raised. My good friend Don Sharkey was the duty bugler that day, and played while the old Ensign was lowered, and the new flag hoisted in its place. Here’s a poem I have written about Canada’s Flag and the RMC ensign:

She’s Canada’s flag proud in the wind

at the top of the pole where the sky sets in

watching o’er our land every day every night

our land of honour and freedom and right

And beneath her unfurled

at the edge of the morn

flies the mother of banners

from which she was born


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  • 10966 Michel Maisonneuve

    March 10, 2020 at 10:43 am

    George Stanley as one of the designers of the flag was even featured as one of the questions on Jeopardy last week!