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The following was submitted by 4588 Bob Kompf, who added, “I think it was 1958 when ‘flu hit RMC. No classes. Those without symptoms carried meals to those with who were SIQ. Can’t remember how long it lasted. Football season re-scheduled. I think that was when we lost to McMaster 55 – 0. Their QB was Russ Jackson.”

Coughin’ Coffin

By 4588 Bob Kompf

When you cough

When you sneeze

Would you please

Use your sleeve

If you would

If you care

Release no droplets

Into the air

Surfaces collect

The little drops

If you touch

Pull all the stops

After contact

Wash your hands

Keep unwashed fingers

Off your face

When meeting others

Keep your space

Finger food

Is really good

But using forks

It’s understood

Keeps your digits

Off the food

Keeps the virus

From your blood

We know you know

We know you care

We know you won’t

Choose to share

Take your time

It’s not a race

Wash your hands

Don’t touch your face

One Comment

  • Lionel Boxer

    March 24, 2020 at 5:58 pm

    In autumn 1977 the entire cadet wing was inoculated with a trial swine flu (I think it was swine flu) vaccine. Everyone got a bit sick and Frank Thatcher seemed to contract it fullon – sick for a week. We still went to classes, but everyone was so disoriented by the reaction to the virus that everything was relaxed.