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We get emails | Nous recevons des courriels

First allow me to complement you on a most interesting issue of Veritas, as always. There is one thing though that caught my eye. CWO Tripp’s picture on page http://www.rmcclub.ca/everitaswp/?p=804 is backwards: his tunic buttons like a lady’s, his beret is pulled down over the left ear, his medals are on the right of his tunic and the cadets in the background have their pillboxes tilted to the left.

Cheers, and T.D.V.

8237 P C Pierre Brassard (CMR RMC ’71)


How about having some pity on those of us who live in areas
where the only internet service available is basic dial-up. That
photo of the aspiring varsity runners took almost four minutes
to download. Nearly 30% of useless gymnasium ceiling could
have been cropped from the top edge and another 10% from
the bottom.
Even though it sometimes takes a long time to scan through the
whole issue (I read faster than my modem can display it), I
enjoy every issue. Keep up the good work!

5573 Layne Larsen (RRMC RMC 62)


Your emails are regularly screened out by my email service provider Primus Communications. This is not a problem for me, because I always check the list of screened items before deleting them, so I retrieve your emails. Nonetheless I thought you might like to know in case this is a problem for other addressees, in which case you may wish to consider changing the subject line to avoiding the screen.

6073 David Patton (CMR RMC ’64)