We hear from 3069 Bill McColl

Regular readers will recognize the name WA (Bill) McColl the gentleman cadet who entered RMC in 1949 and faithfully maintained a diary during his four years at the college.

We recently heard from Bill and he sent us the following note…


Dear Bill Oliver: I have followed my college diary in e-Veritas with great interest.

After graduating, I put the diaries away and hardly looked at them until you enquired about photos from the fifties. Seeing those notes again came as a surprise. One regret, is not having kept them up during summer training at Shilo or with the 79th Field Regiment RCA in Germany.

A big disappointment was that my brother Don was not allowed to repeat his first year. He went to the Royal Bank and finished his career as Deputy Finance Minister for the province of Ontario. He would be heart-broken to see the current financial positions at Queen’s Park these days. In his later years he had a great time as a full-bearded Santa.

Another comment about accounting by our instructor, Ernie Myers, CA. He must have had some impact because the following members of our class went on to become Chartered Accountants: Dave McPherson, D Norman Morris, John Kormylo, Dave Dillon, Bob Bigelow, and myself. We are now all know as CPA’s.

I look forward to catching up with my last few months of IV Year through my diary which was written so many years ago.

3069 Bill McColl

We will pick-up from January, 1953  in a few weeks. – Previous diary entries may be found here.