Week 5 – First Year @ RMC – Extracts from 1949 Diary: 3069 W. A. McColl

A Television Icon Makes His Debut

The Lone Ranger began as a western-themed, children’s radio program in 1933, and in 1949 its producer brought the popular show to television. It starred Clayton Moore as the lone surviving Texas Ranger and Jay Silverheels as his Native American partner, Tonto. The Lone Ranger fended off evil in the American west while living off a silver mine that he used to make his bullets. The show garnered much popularity and ran until 1957.

Week 5 at RMC for 3069 W.A. McColl

Oct. 10 – 1949: Damn stiff today. Slept in ‘til 0800 and played 8 games of chess all together. I finally beat Coats. Mr. White came to see Bud this afternoon. We had a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings. All in all a very restful day. Spent the evening writing a letter Fran and composing the book review. Bud had his bed soaked last night – someone sneaked in and set up a siphon from his waste paper basket into his bed with an enema tube. Painted my belt; it looks pretty good.

Oct. 11 – 1949: Back to routine again! It was very dark this morning at reveille. Pete Hendrie was told on inspection that he had a “list to port”! We moved the soaked mattress down to Major Munford’s room and swiped his. He never mentioned it to Bud at dinner but we can expect retaliation. Got a swell letter from Fran.

Oct. 12 – 1949: We’ve been here a month today and are beginning to get an affection for the old place. Rugby team played and won, 6-1. Stinky MacIntyre got the T.D. I check-mated Bud for the first time today and got up to 49 sit-ups in 2 minutes.  “Mary is 24 years old. She is twice as old as Anne was when Mary was as old as Anne is now. How old is Anne?”

Oct. 13 – 1949: Got a letter from Mother and Pat this morning…read it during break over at Fort Henry. Lt. Comm. Nixon proved conclusively the superiority of the navy today. Officers from the Staff College inspected the college today. Dr Preston turned out for soccer practice; what a player he is! Major Brooks held a recruits meeting today and gave us the low-down on passing off the square.

Oct. 14 – 1949: Got a letter from Pete…the scab…living a life of luxury in Toronto. Recruits played the college soccer team at 1630. I got a helluva kick on my ankle…who knows, I might get light duty?

Oct. 15 – 1949: I was into Kingston again today to get my glasses.  Saw young Noonan. Went to the Western-Queen’s game…Queen’s lost 16-11. The league is more balanced this year it appears…the Queen’s students seem very sloppy after being here for a month.

Oct. 16 – 1949: Bob Smith came up today and I showed him all around the College…he took in a lot of guff about hardships here. Smith has changed quite a bit since I saw him last. After church Major Lamontagne declared we were to have a glee club…soooo…all the cadets took a singing test…more fun.

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