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Commandant Keeping Up the Two Year Pace

We tried to keep track of the commandant, Commodore Bill Truelove over the past days, as he moves into the last few weeks of his two year tour at the college. He is due to depart in about three weeks.

Following are some his highlights from the The Week That Was…

Tuesday – On Tuesday, the RMCC BOG convened in the Senate Chamber. Chaired by BGen(Ret’d) Don MacNamara and Vice Chair, Comd CDA, MGen Gosselin, the board conducted a full day of business during which it received updates from the VChair, Commandant and Principal. Also in attendance were MGen Forgues, new Comd CDA/VChair of the BOG and BGen Tremblay, Cmdt RMCC designate.

More info on the Board of Governors

Members of the BoG


Photo: Brad Lowe

Wed/Thurs – On Wednesday and Thursday, members of the College leadership team participated in the departure activities for Comd CDA, MGen Gosselin. On Wed, family, friends and colleagues gathered in the Cadet Mess for the Depart With Dignity ceremony for MGen Gosselin. The large crowd also included the CDS, CMP and a number of retired and current serving CF members. It was clear from both the great attendance and moving tributes, that MGen Gosselin has had an outstanding career during which he has made had a significant impact on the CF and its members.

Photo: Brad Lowe

On Thurs, the formal Change of Command parade for Comd CDA occurred at the Thompson Drill hall. Again, a large crowd attended this important ceremony. The Guard of Honour was comprised of Cadets from RMCC along with various other members from across the Formation. MWO Skinner, College DSM, did an outsanding job as the Guard Sergeant Major.

MGen Forgues (Photo above), is the new Comd CDA

On behalf of the College, we want to thank MGen and Mrs Gosselin for their incredible support to RMCC and wish them both all the best in retirement.

On Thursday the College bid farewell to CWO Slack and his wife, Debbie in a CCWO Change of Appointment ceremony in Currie Hall. Presided over by the Commandant with representation from across the Formation; CWO Slack ‘passed the cane’ to CPO1 Elizabeth Lindsay. On behalf of all the readers, I would like to extend a warm welcome to CPO1 Lindsay (photo left) and thank CWO Slack and Debbie for their incredible contributions to the College over the past year. We also wish him a safe deployment and look forward to seeing him back soon.


On Friday, the Commandant and many members of Senate attended the end of year ceremonies at the Canadian Forces College. This is a unique event which recognizes the accomplishments of the many students attending the various courses at CFC while also incorporating the Convocation of graduates from the RMCC programs. Unfortunately, the Chancellor, the MND, Hon Peter MacKay, could not be present so the Convocation was presided over by the Vice Chancellor; RMCC Commandant. During the ceremony, the 91st RMCC Convocation, the Vice Chancellor was priviledged to confer an Honourary ‘Doctor of Laws’ to The Honourable Michael Wilson Canadian Ambassador to the United States of America.(Photo left)

Congratulations and well done to the many graduates.

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