WEEK IN REVIEW/ Next Sunday Parade 21 March – All Welcome!

The week that was around R.M.C.C.

Photo by: Brad Lowe

Monday – Commandant and Col Bill Lewis – CO PG/Mil Faculty, held a ceremony in honour of the promotion of  LCol Joy Klammer. Joy has recently re-joined the RMC team as a member of the MPL department. Commodore Truelove put it best when describing LCol Klammer. “She brings tremendous operational and professional experience and we are thrilled to have LCol Klammer at the College and look forward to working with her.”

Joy Klammer completed her BA in Psychology at Simon Fraser University and her MSc in I/O Psychology at The University of Calgary. She has recently successfully completed her PhD in Psychology at UWO.

As a member of the Canadian Forces, she has worked as an Air Navigator, responsible for coordinating crew missions and tactics while tracking submarines. She has taught at the Royal Military College of Canada. For the last five years, Joy has been engaged as a research officer in the military, where she has worked on the design of selection systems for specialized, high-risk employment.

Her current research interests span selection for teams, contextual performance, and trust, motivation, and leadership in teams.

Of note, it was also a pleasure to see Col Lewis present for this promotion ceremony. As Commanding Officer of the Post Graduate students and Military Faculty, Col Lewis provides excellent leadership of this impressive group of officers. He is responsible for all military aspects of the employment, career management, succession planning, development and assessment of these members of the RMC family. In addition to the many demands of being Director of the AMS program, Col Lewis spends considerable time fulfilling his duties at CO PG/Mil Fac and particularly, at this time of year, liaising with the Career Managers to ensure that all of RMCs PG and Mil Fac positions are filled.

Tuesday – The Commandant and RSM woke with the sun cracking the horizon and spent some time with the Band at practice. Both enjoyed the opportunity to watch and listen as the talented musicians of RMC continue preparing for “the Big GIG’ – the annual Concert in Scarlets. This visit provided the Commandant and RSM another opportunity to applaud and thank the band for all that they contribute to RMC. The Commandant highlighted that the Band is an essential component of the College and represents years of tradition of the Military and music. He encouraged the band to keep up the great work and to “recruit their reliefs”. We’re looking forward to hearing many of our musicians, and all the other hidden ‘talent’ at the RMC Talent Show this week!

On Tuesday evening the kitchen at 6 Merritt Drive was in full swing as the Commandant and “College Mom” hosted the winners of the “Dinner for 4” United Way auction.


The winners, Catherine, Delores, Rita and Jean, spent the evening enjoying a feast prepared by Brenda and served by the Boss. With Ashley and Tina in the background helping out in so many ways, the entire evening was a great success and all for a great cause – the United Way. Word is that this ‘secret’ is now out and that bids will probably climb pretty quickly for next years auction, so start saving and get your groups of four identified!!

Wed – On Wednesday the College welcomed a number of important visitors for the Annual ROTP/RETP selection board, The Commandant Co-Chaired the board with Comd CFRG – Cmdre Dan MacKeigan. Also present were the Commandant RMCSJ, and representatives from CMP, CDA, the Academic Wing, Mil Wing, Athletic Department along with a range of other staffs.

Collectively, this group reviewed and confirmed both Senior and Junior candidates who will start at the two Colleges next September. Once again, this event demonstrated the very high interest and strong competition amongst applicants. RMCC looks forward to welcoming 163 ROTP/RETP first years into the Class of 2014 in August along there classmates in the UTPNCM program. RMCSJ will see the arrival of 50 Seniors and up to 120 Junior cadets. In the weeks ahead the final selections for next years ALOY program will also occur.

On Wednesday morning the College again hosted MGen M. Hainse, Comd LFTDS, and his Command Team. As the sun was rising, MGen Hainse joined the Commandant, RSM and the rest of the Mil and Cadet Wing for DCdts PT Challenge. With the 4th year class leading the way, the Wing completed a 5 Km run followed by strength exercises.

This was another great opportunity for the Cadets to exercise leadership and to continue the evolution of the Wednesday morning Mil training with ongoing emphasis on the CF Culture of Fitness. Special thanks to MGen Hainse for joining the Wing and “Running the talk“. We look forward to seeing he and the other senior leaders in the Kingston area out with the Cadets for PT again in the future; including during the upcoming MOC weekend.

On Wednesday evening the 4th year Air Force mess dinner was held at the SSM. (See air-force mess dinner article, elsewhere in this edition) The College was pleased to welcome BGen Terry Leversedge as the Guest of Honour for this important event. Also present were many members of the Air Force community – past and present including HCol Bill Coyle. During the dinner the Commandant and Col Lewis took a moment to recognize Col Coyle for his tremendous contributions to the CF and RMC over his long and distinguished career. Col Coyle is a true friend and supporter of RMC and it was a pleasure for the Commandant, along with the Cadets, to present him a Commandants Coin as a small token of our appreciation.

Thurs – on Thurs, the Commandant, RSM and 24574 OCdt Chandler Zedic  (CWAdminO), had the pleasure of  enjoying lunch with the Kingston Rotary Club. The Commandant provided an address to the group on RMC and took the opportunity to update the attendees on the many great things happening at the College.

Events like these are so important for the College and provide an excellent venue to update the wonderful citizens of Kingston on the many activities occurring `behind the gates`. If the comments after the address were any indication, this was an exceptionally successful event.

Fri – On Friday, the Commandant and Principal continued their academic visits with a wonderful session with the History Department.

One of the larger departments at the College, the History department, located in the library, provides another important element of the College academic program. The College is blessed to have such a talented group of civilian and military professors across all academic disciplines who contribute so much, both in and out of the classroom, to the success of our ROTP, RETP, UTPNCM and ALOY cadets – the heart of the College.

Weekend – on Sat and Sun the 2nd Year class were seen throughout the community as they conducted their annual `Food Drive“. Initiatives, such as this, are yet another example of how RMC contributes to the Community and how RMC cadets demonstrate their personal commitment to helping others.

In the weeks ahead, the other classes will be doing similar projects. Well done to them all and thanks for your efforts!


Sun – On Sunday, the skillets were back on the stove and pancakes were flying as 6 Merritt Drive again transitioned to the `B&B Brunch Diner`. The Commandant and `College Mom` welcomed the cadets for some good home cooking and a relaxing morning at the residence.


Reports indicate that once again the food was “Sat“ and the opportunity to discover the residence and chat with the Commandant and Brenda enjoyable.


“The measure of a leader is not the number of people who serve the leader, but the number of people served by the leader.” – Adapted from a quote by John C. Maxwell.

This morning, when Commodore Truelove and his wife Brenda invited myself and a group of Officer Cadets into his house for brunch he exemplified the point of the above quote. I had a very enjoyable breakfast consisting of good food, great conversation and even a bit of adventure as I explored the dungeon in the basement and discussed the possibility of installing a secret moving wall in front of his semi-hidden office. This morning was one more of those great RMC memories that I will always cherish.

25110 NCdt (III) Zachary Johnson

On the 14th of March, a windy Sunday morning, a gathering of Cadets met at the Commandant’s house to enjoy a delicious meal made by the Commandant, Commodore Truelove, and his family and to take part in conversation amongst each other and the Commandant.

For myself, a first year, it was a unique experience, socializing with upper years outside of my own squadron and listening to their stories of their years in the college, all the past events, summer training, the academics. What was most interesting was listening to the Commandant speak, he reflected on his time as a cadet at Royal Roads Military College, his travels and previous postings, but the most engaging part of the whole dialogue for me was when OCdt. Bernier-Brideau asked the Commandant, “Which posting of yours would you say that you had the biggest impact on the CF?” Commodore Truelove replied, “This one right here”.

As the Commandant went on to explain his role, the responsibilities, and the pride that comes with his posting, I gained new appreciation with what the senior military staff is doing, the complexity of the job, dealing with budget, staff, and the academic wing.

This brunch was a great learning experience for me as to what goes on and all the hard work that is needed to have what happens at RMC.

25883 OCdt (I) Henry Luk


Commandant`s parade on Sunday morning (Mayor Rosen will be the reviewing Officer)

The Parade on Sunday ( March on at 0930 ) is open to the public and we look forward to welcoming any of the E-veritas readership who might be in the Kingston area to come and show their support to the Cadet Wing by spectating the parade – let`s fill the stands!!!