Weeks 15 & 16 – First Year @ RMC–1949 Very rushed getting away. I’ve gained 15 lbs and am now 165 lbs.

Week 15 at RMC for 3069 W.A. McColl

Dec. 19 – 1949: The Mil. Studies exam wasn’t too bad. Spent the afternoon decorating the gym it is really going to look smart. Had a huge pillow fight with no. 3 sqn, some of the guys got knocked out! Pillow feathers all over the place, had to be cleaned up. Andy rolled in at 2 o’clock very drunk, Buddy had to conk him!

Dec. 20 – 1949: Worked all day on the gym. There’s a fireplace built at one end and now it hardly looks like a gym. Fran arrived OK and stayed at Capt. Gould’s in Hogan’s Alley. We went to a coffee party at Dick Day’s uncle’s. The dance itself was terrific. The RCAF band played for it. Coggins announced the guests. Woody and Dillon got tight and fell asleep in a hotel. They signed in at 0700. Our party had to take up the rug in the reception room and put it back in the officers mess at 0300. Swell day!

Dec. 21 – 1949: Very rushed getting away. I’ve gained 15 lbs and am now 165 lbs. We cleaned up the gym and took down most of the stuff. Our party worked over at the rifle range. Ride back on the train was pretty fair. Smith killed 2 bottles of rum! Dad met us in the new Austin. Fran and I went to Maj.-Gen. Mann’s party at the Royal York. It was some do, we had a swell time. Coates drove us back., A lot of the cadets were there and there were a couple from Royal Roads.

Dec. 23 – 1949: Did little yesterday except loaf around. This morning I went in to Dr. Dempster’s officer. My teeth are OK. Went and saw Fran. Inspected her living room RMC style. She got changed, finally my Christmas shopping time. Took Fran to a show. Helluva hike out here at night.


Week 16

Dec. 25 – 1949: Pat and Kate were up at some unearthly hour opening their presents. Mother, Dad and I went to church. Swell Christmas dinner. Went in to see Fran and we sang carols; she gave me a book.

Dec. 26 – 1949: Dance at the Royal York. Had dinner at Fran’s and went down with Colin and Jean, went to the bloody Lichee Gardens after. Saw some of the Royal Roads fellows at the dance. Recognized some as fellows at Chorley.

Dec. 27 – 1949: Did little all day. Went over to Campbell’s and watched their television set. It was very nice, hard on the eyes. As Mr. Campbell said it: “What a hell of a way to spend an evening!”

Dec. 31 – 1949: Have been sanding the floors these past few days. It is finally done and the final coat is on. The ply wood squares look OK. We went out to the Toronto Ident Club with Andy. Most of the people were quite a bit older than us but Fran and I had a good time.

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