“What are you going to do with it?” – Winners of the ARCH Contest for February 2020

The winners of the ARCH Contest for February 2020 are 28316 OCdt Angelina Sokolova, with the artwork presented above, and 28560 OCdt Bennet Dickson, author of the written work presented below.

Sunrises are a fascinating concept.
exactly does the sun rise? Why does the sky turn red and orange? How does
the roosters know when to cry when there was no sun to see? Why is it a breath of fresh air
for those who have endured an all-too-familiar long night?
After all, it’s just a time of day… right?
Kids and teenagers dread the sight of a sunrise, as it shows them that they’re
probably up a little earlier than they’d like.
Fisherman fear the sight of that red morning horizon because, after all, “red sky in the
morning, sailors take warning”.
Runners love to see the horizon flash with beautiful colours, because for a moment,
they turn into their own personal versions of Forrest Gump.
Heartbroken lovers and those with a little more on their shoulders than others get
goosebumps at that sight of a sunrise, because it lets them know:
the night is over… You
made it.
Photographers love that small window when they can get the fresh morning sun
coming in at just the right angle, projecting just the right light, on that blue jay standing in just
the right direction, to get that perfect shot that just might be enough to take them off the
And finally, the old couples love to sit on their porches and take in the morning to
remind themselves that you don’t need to be young to be in love; sometimes all it takes is
that little slice of heaven on Earth.
As mentioned before, sunrises are such a strange concept. This simple time of day,
something we generally understand as nothing more than a natural phenomenon to indicate
the start of a new day, can mean so much to each individual person.
Sunrises are so much more than the colours we see when we look out the window
every morning. It’s hope; it’s happiness; it’s a breath of fresh air; and most importantly, it’s a
sign that a new day has started. Which begs the question:
What are you going to do with it?