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What’s Happening At RMC

Ed note: This will be the first edition in a couple of months that we do not have an article from 23996 OCdt Alex Cushley aka “Cush”. He is back in the Cadet Wing preparing with his peers to kick-off the new school year. In addition, to supporting us with timely articles from his perspective – “Cush” was a big time help on a number of technical matters, in particular, stream-lining our distribution process to over 7,000 e-mails addresses.

He and I also found a little time to “hit” the tennis ball a few times and play a little (high / low) pool over some lunch hours. What he lacked on the tennis courts he more than made up for with a pool cue in his hands.

e-Veritas readers have not seen the last of “Cush” and his writing. We have one more of his articles on a former Commandant which is in the process of being finalized. We hope to publish it later in September.

“Cush” willingly and enthusiastically took on a number of high profile assignments with very little training and background in this area. He was also aware that there was a critical audience reading his stuff.

He has every right to be pleased with his performance.


IV Year Impressed With What He Sees of Recruit Camp – 2008

Last week upon arriving at the college following Artillery Phase 3, I discovered a new program that I had only had speculation about: the RMC recruit camp. Curious as to what the new system was all about, I read up on the last two e veritas articles and talked to some of my friends who are staffing the camp.

I will admit that my initial impressions were not too positive. Why not have the recruits go to St Jean before arriving at RMC? Surely the Non Commissioned Members were much better suited to training the recruits in the ways of the military than mere Officer Cadets. But then after a few days of observation my viewpoint began to change. This recruit camp is not just about teaching some new recruits drill and polishing, but also is about having officer cadets lead their recruits. This is not too great a task for people who will be asked to lead troops in combat situations within the next two years.

So while some may view the recruit camp as another cost saving measure, or something that only hurts the training of CF officers I will disagree. The recruit camp is an excellent opportunity for the 3rd and 4th years of RMC to get practical leadership experience. This will only serve to benefit the cadet wing at the college as cadets will have more leadership. Another positive that recruit camp brings to the college is that it gives the cadets an opportunity to shape the institution that is RMC. Gone are the days were cadets come to the college with a preconceived notion of RMC which was fostered in St. Jean. We, the cadets, now have an even larger part to play in the formation of the cadet wing as well as the officer corps in general.

It is on this point that I will end. The recruit camp has brought an exciting new experience to RMC. What was old is new again and time will tell if the cadets take advantage of the opportunity.

24359 Steve Paish (RMC ’09)



How Great the Howes – Pictured is the 2007 / 08 Tommy Smart Cup Winner – OCdt Brendan Kilburn with David and Patricia Howes – Assistant and Head Coaches respectively of the RMC varsity Fencing teams (M) & (W). Brendan is just one of the many fencers from across Canada attending the RMC High Performance Fencing Training Camp. The “Howes” are quickly earning a national reputation as elite leaders in the sport. Patricia as a head coach and husband David who is a crucial component as an assistant – and without a doubt a major factor into the success of the RMC Fencing program.


fencing.jpgThe 5th annual RMC High Performance Fencing Training Camp is taking place this week in the home of the men’s and women’s fencing teams, the Old Gym. Organized by Paladin Head Coach Patricia Howes and Asst Coach David Howes, this camp is attended annually by RMC OCdts, other military fencers that are members of the CF’s CISM fencing program, members of RMC’s Cutting Edge Fencing youth program, and civilian fencers from across Canada. Over the years the camp has attracted young athletes from Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, NB, NS, and across Ontario, as well as from the US. For the past two years, special guest coach Felix Becker, an Olympian and 1994 World Champion from Germany, has been brought in to bring an international flavour to the camp. The athletes are provided with a wide variety of training sessions including fencing-specific circuit and core strength training, as well as technical, tactical and sport psychology training to name a few.

This camp not only provides excellent training for the athletes attending, it also serves as a recruiting tool for those fencers who might be interested in coming to RMC in the future. Current OCdts Liam Roach and Brendan Kilburn (formerly of Cutting Edge), both attended the camp as civilians, and Andrew Sheahan (another Cutting Edge alumnus) who is currently busy enjoying RMC’s recruit camp, has attended the camp the past four years. Hopefully we’ll see some of the athletes from this year’s camp march through the arch in the next few years as well!



The countdown is on and everything is on schedule for the beginning of the 2008/09 school year at RMC.

Labour Day Monday – Recruits will “march” through the arch, at 1400 hrs. and begin an arduous First Year Orientation Period (FYOP) which will climax on Friday, 3 October and the challenges of completing the traditional Obstacle Course. As most e-Veritas readers are aware, this tradition is a significant milestone for I Year officer cadets, as it represents a rite of passage for them and formalizes their acceptance into the Cadet Wing.


Meanwhile, the tried and hardened veterans from II III & IV Years are pretty well all back from most corners of Canada and few other spots from all over the Globe. Jim “the Barber” Ryan is working overtime to keep up with haircuts; military and civilian staffs have been noticed with a sharp bounce to their step. The atmosphere is positive! Everyone appears ready to go!

Classes start Tuesday, 2 September!

BGen Tom Lawson has a year under his belt as Commandant. DCdt, LCol Tony O’Keeffe has been chompin’ at the bit  all summer anxiously waiting for this time of year.

DCdt will have his plate full in September:

Wing Harriers and the Sports Tabloid will both take place the first Saturday, 6 September. The Battle Britain Parade is scheduled for Sunday, 14 September. A first time event – The Army Run is scheduled a week later in Ottawa – RMC is expected to be “showing the flag”, big-time at this high profile affair. September will wrap-up with some serious Sandhurst Training to start the process for the major competition held every May at West Point.

On the sports side of the house – Running, Soccer and rugby teams (M) & (W) will be training or competing most days through September. The other varsity teams will be practicing and tuning up for their regular OUA schedules to launch in October. Entire RMC Varsity Schedule 2008 – 09

The clock is ticking everyone appears ready to go!