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  • German exchange student makes presentation to HIE 202, Canadian Military History; and

  • PMT: I, II, III, & IV Years

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On 10 November, Leutnant Timo Flossig, a German exchange student from Helmut Schmidt University, gave a presentation to the second year officer and naval cadets of HIE 202, Canadian Military History, on the recruitment, training, education and career path of officers in the German Army, including details of Germany Army structure and global deployments.

A fascinating presentation that was well received by all in attendance. Afterwards, the class professor, Major John R. Grodzinski, presented Leutnant Flossig with a copy of ‘Traditions of Excellence.’



1st year : For this week’s Professional Military Training, the first years attended two briefings: the first was given by Captain on various Mess Dinner traditions, and the second was a banking brief on how to insure financial security throughout our military career. As a collective group of an average age of 18-19 year olds, the majority of our class has never been to a mess dinner before, nor do we have an extended experience with doing our own banking. In that regard, both brief’s proved to be beneficial and informative for our class. From the descriptions of the historical and humorous traditions upheld over the years of military mess dinners to the information provided on adopting good financial habits, the lessons taught i the two briefs will come in handy as we go forward in our careers.

OCdt E. Baker

2nd year : Mercredi, les deuxièmes années se sont rassemblées au New Gym pour assister à deux présentations visant au développement de leur condition militaire. De 0800 à 0900, le capitaine Weatherby a commenté une présentation traitant du développement personnel dans les FAC. Cet exposé visait à montrer aux élèves-officiers les possibilités qui s’offrent à eux dans les Forces armées canadiennes, et à présenter des exemples de développement professionnel, notamment l’apprentissage du français. Ensuite, de 0900 à 1000, le lieutenant de vaisseau Genest a présenté une vidéo de 2009 traitant du professionnalisme et de la discipline dans les FAC. Dans celle-ci, le général (ret) Natynczyk rappelait les valeurs fondamentales des FAC-vérité, honneur, loyauté, courage- et l’éthos militaire, avant de rendre un dernier hommage à des soldats canadiens s’étant distingués en Afghanistan. Si ces présentations étaient un rappel pour plusieurs, il va sans dire que tous ont pu bénéficier de l’apprentissage de ces valeurs canadiennes.

Élof P. Pageot

3rd year : PMT designated for LL 1.3 Cadets 16 November 2016 consisted of a briefing starting at 0800 and Squadron Commanders’ hour starting at 0900. The briefing explained how the college plans on reducing the amount of leave we take in the summer and it introduced the new tracking system put in place in order to better assign and better locate those who are taking OJE. At the squadron commanders’ hour we were encouraged by our squadron commander to go speak to the SSAV. She gave her own personal insight and explained to us what we could expect when going there. After that PMT was concluded.

OCdt J. Cooke

4th year : Pour la premiere partie de PMT on a eu une presentation sur la vie dans l’armée canadienne. La présentation a été donné par le commadant d’escadron 7 et il a parlé des différentes divisions dans l’armée canadienne et il a aussi parlé de la structure d’une unité. La deuxième partie de PMT étais similaire à la première partie. Le Major Breede nous a parlé de son expérience dans l’armée en tant qu’officier d’infanterie. Il nous a également parler de son temps a CMRC ainsi que la vie après graduation. Il a ensuite répondu aux questions des élèves officiers qui voulaient savoir plus.

Élof M. Heon

All years : On 16 November 2016 the cadet’s that were duty away for Cmdt’s Inspection conducted a remedial inspection in the New Gym. At 0700h in the morning, the cadets formed three ranks in their scarlets uniform. Some tired eyes reflected a long night of polishing and ironing; they had to look their best for this inspection. The CWADO, OCdt Parisien, was quick to call the section to attention. After an open order march, the inspection began. Through careful examination, all the cadets were inspected and then dismissed to breakfast. The results from this morning’s remedial inspection counted towards the squadron’s final scores.

OCdt C. Faucher