What’s Happening At RMC

Feature photo: 28230 OCdt  Victoria Pierrot

What’s Happening At RMC

Cadets and CDH staff finds out: you never know who may drop by!

One never knows who and what they will run into when they visit the grounds of the Royal Military College of Canada. For example, this past Tuesday, 31 Oct like all over North America it was Halloween night.

A husband and wife team who happens to reside on the peninsula brought Halloween to the OCdts :)

They went into the dorms knocked on all doors gave out candies (even went through the CDH – where varsity athletes were having a late supper).  They even caught the dining hall staff off guard when they visited the kitchen (in the back).

All in all, a nice touch which was appreciated by the cadets…and the dining hall staff too.

The dynamic duo prefer to remain anonymous. One clue they reside at 6 Merritt Dr.


Arch-L’Arc the student-run creative journal



2017/18 marks the third publication of Arch-L’Arc which is the student-run creative journal, designed to display and celebrate the creative accomplishments of the students/faculty/staff at RMC. At the heart of the panel’s effort for the issue is to reach out to the military community related to RMC and the civilian quarters that weave themselves into its function and support systems, and explore the boundaries within and outside of the Arch.  Its ideology includes having as equal a distribution as possible between the two official languages of the military college institution, and to include any other cultural traditions that present themselves in the work of its authors.

This year’s editor committee consists of the following Officer/Naval Cadets: Eliza Bruce, Liam Hovey, Alexandra Horezcy, Anna Dillman, Xi Lu, Jesse Noordegraaf, Lauren Froats, Seamus Ryan-Lloyd, Zach Poirier, and Pierre-Charles Rousseau. The students, under the direction of current faculty members included Dr. Huw Osborne, Dr. Pierre-Luc Landry, Soundouss El Kettani, and Dr Chantel Lavoie, are in charge of organizing monthly writing/creative piece contests and events, as well as working through the processes of judge creative entries, and learn how to develop a publication, edit, critique, run writing events and competitions.

Entries include any form of creative or non-fiction writing or poetry, photography, and artwork, to be compiled in a small, student-designed book at the end of the academic year for distribution around the college, Kingston community, ex-cadets, friends, and family.

For any of our readers, alumni etc. interested in contributing to this cross-community journal, please submit your work to the following website:


Hope to hear from you soon!


Le symposium d’histoire militaire

L’histoire du maintien de la paix : Nouvelles perspectives au Collège militaire royal du Canada
Les 2 et 3 novembre dernier s’est tenu un symposium d’histoire militaire sur le maintien de la paix, dans le feutré Currie Hall du Collège militaire.

Des sommités du domaine du maintien de la paix provenant des quatre coins du monde étaient au rendez-vous. Les perspectives américaines, australiennes, canadiennes et africaines du maintien de la paix, une approche robuste aux missions onusiennes ainsi que le futur des missions de maintien de la paix ont été analysés de fond en comble.

Une délégation d’élèves-officiers du Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean s’est également déplacée pour assister aux conférences. Les étudiants en arts des deux Collèges ont ainsi pu profiter de présentations de grand calibre, poser des questions à des experts en la matière et côtoyer les professeurs du département d’histoire dans un autre contexte.

Le symposium fut donc une chance inouïe de discuter d’un enjeu toujours aussi complexe et changeant. Merci à Mme Magali Deleuze ainsi que tous les membres du département d’histoire qui ont travaillé au succès de cet événement!

27236 Élof Marianne Bouchard


The 2nd year ME&T on Wednesday 31 October 2017 consisted of drill practice on the parade square. We formed up by squadron at 0800 and commenced practicing drill in preparation for the upcoming Remembrance Day ceremonies that the cadets from RMC will be involved with. Various drill movements were practiced, such as left and right turns, about turn on the march, and how to properly and respectfully remove a headdress. Drill practice lasted about an hour and a half, during which it began to rain. Despite the rain, we continued to practice, as it is important that we look sharp during the ceremonies we will participate in to remember those who have fallen before us.

Drill practice is not a very exciting way to spend our morning, but I believe that everyone understands it is an important and necessary element of our lives in the Canadian Armed Forces. Every Officer Cadet understands and accepts the responsibilities of being a leader at RMC, as well as in the CAF. Discipline and respect are two key values of the Canadian Armed Forces, and we all strive to hold ourselves to the standard that the Canadian Armed Forces expects from its future officers.

Haley Saulnier 27911


CORRECTION: A previous piece which appeared with this article was inappropriate to print in e-Veritas. Consequently, the article in its entirety has been deleted. The editor apologizes to both the author and anyone else who may have been offended. I will work harder in the future to prevent from making this mistake again.  Bill Oliver


La session de développements professionnels des quatrièmes cette semaine était une excellente opportunité de développer nos capacités de leaders dans un contexte d’exercice élémentaire. Il consistait à appeler des mouvements d’exercice élémentaire à nos confrères de troisièmes années, ils ont gentiment utilisé leur temps libre pour nous venir en aide, alors que des membres de l’escadre d’entrainement nous conseillaient. Ainsi, ils nous rappelaient de respecter une certaine cadence et de bien projeter notre voix. Il était vraiment utile de faire cet exercice puisque, dans un futur assez rapproché, tous les Élèves Officiers de quatrième année auront des opportunités d’appeler de l’exercice élémentaire soit à l’unité ou au cours de la parade de graduation. Personnellement, j’ai apprécié l’expérience puisque c’était ma première opportunité de m’exercer à appeler de l’exercice élémentaire depuis mon cours de qualification militaire de base à Saint-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu.

Gabriel Turner 26908



WHAT:  A unique opportunity for N/OCdts of the Logistics Occupations to learn more about the Logistics Branch, the various occupations within, the career paths available to you, and the challenges and rewards you can expect from a career in Logistics. In addition, you will have an opportunity to establish an individual mentoring relationship with an RMC Logistics Mentor.

WHERE:  At the Cadet Mess.

WHEN: On 27 November 2017 from 1645 to 1845 hrs.

WHY:  Because you want to know more about your occupation of choice. Hear the latest information available from the Logistics Career Managers, listen to the Officer Commanding Officer Training Division at the Canadian Forces Logistics Training Centre describe the next phase of your training; talk with and arrange for further mentorship from one of the four senior Logistics Officers at RMC.



  • LCdr Deanna Wilson – OC Officer Training Division, CFLTC Borden


  • Maj Helga Grodzinski – CA Transport
  • LCdr Ken Narozanski – RCN Finance
  • Maj Kathy Ralph – RCAF HR
  • Maj Chris Thibault – CA HR

SO WHAT TO YOU HAVE TO DO?  Be there, listen attentively to the presentations, ask all your questions. TALK TO US!




QUOI:  Une opportunité unique offerte aux élof/aspm des occupations de la Logistique pour en apprendre plus sur la Branche de la logistique, les occupations variées qui y font partie, les différents cheminements qui vous sont disponibles, ainsi que les défis et les satisfactions auxquels vous pouvez vous attendre d’une carrière dans la logistique.  En plus, vous aurez la chance d’établir une relation de mentorat avec un des quatre officiers Logisticiens du CMR.

:  Au Mess des Cadets.

QUAND:  Le 27 novembre 2017, de 16h45 à 18h45.

POUQUOI:  Parce que vous voulez en savoir plus sur votre occupation de choix. Prenez connaissance de l’information la plus récente de votre futur gérant de carrières ; écouter le Commandant de la Division d’instruction des officiers au Centre d’instruction de la logistique des Forces canadiennes qui décrira la prochaine phase de votre formation ; ou parler avec un des quatre officiers supérieurs de la logistique du CMR et même poursuivre du mentorat avec l’un d’entre eux.



  • CapC Deanna Wilson – Comdt Division d’Instruction des officiers, CILFC Borden


  • Maj Helga Grodzinski – Armée canadienne Transport
  • LCdr Ken Narozanski – MRC Finances
  • Maj Kathy Ralph – ARC Ressources Humaines
  • Maj Chris Thibault – Armée canadienne Ressources Humaines

DONC, QUE DEVEZ-VOUS FAIRE?  Assistez à la session, écoutez attentivement les présentations et demander toutes vos questions. PARLEZ-NOUS!