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What’s Happening At RMC

2008 Graduation Details


“We need more UTPNCM graduates because the product is superb. In fact, we need to grow this programme into something three to four times its current size! The only way we’ll be able to do that is to make sure the word of mouth back to the field is positive.”

12192 BGen Tom Lawson (RMC ’79) Commandant, RMC

Otter Squadron Produces Five More Graduates

utpm.JPGby: M0952 NCdt Sean Stadnisky (Otter Sqn ’11)
Another May comes another parade full of pomp circumstance and many young leaders ready to move on into the real world. This year, as in the past, there are some “elder” leaders set to head back to the real world. Those are the graduates from Otter Squadron, member s of the University Training Plan for Non-Commissioned Members. Here is a little about those five graduates:




utpm-5.JPGOCdt Greg Fleming
Rank before RMC: Corporal
Year of Enrolment: 1993
Previous trades: Vehicle Technician
Operational tours: Kosovo ROTO 0; Bosnia ROTO 11.
Year entering RMC: 2005.
Program of Study: Politics; then MSS; now BMASc.
Present Occupation: Log (Land)


utpm-4.JPGOCdt Carol Desrosier
Rank before RMC: Master Seaman
Previous Trades: Naval Electronic Sensor Operator
Year Entering RMC: 2003
Program Of Study: French Studies
Present Occupation: Air Navigator



utpm-1.JPGOCdt Kari Elvidge
Rank before here – Corporal
Year of Enrollment – 1996
Previous trade(s) – Mobile Equipment Systems Operator, Land Communication and Information Systems Technician
Operational tours – Rwanda 1995, Bosnia 1998 & 2000
Year entering RMC – 2006
Program of Study – BMAS
Present Occupation – Aerospace Controller


utpm-2.JPGOCdt Jarrod Campbell
Rank before RMC: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Year of Enrolment: 1993
Previous trade(s) Naval Weapons Technician
Operational tours: OP Apollo 2003
Year entering RMC: 2005
Program of Study BA
Present Occupation Naval Combat Systems Engineering


utpm-3.JPGNCdt Andrew Cullum
Rank before here: Leading Seaman
Year of Enrolment: 1998
Previous trade(s): Sonar Op, Ocean Op
Operational tours: Op Augmentation (2000), Op Apollo (2002)
Year entering RMC: 2005
Program of Study: History
Present Occupation: MARS




After a 6-year hiatus from the College the RMC Women’s Rugby Team is back! More than 40 women expressed interest in playing this fine sport and after approaching the RMC Rec Association it has been brought back as a recreational club.
With club status the team membership may consist not only of RMC cadets and graduate students but civilian and military staff as well, allowing us to draw a wide breadth of experience to the program. In addition, with the number of high schools now offering rugby in Canada, the option for RMC to provide a rugby program for women can only assist in attracting people to RMC.


(Click for larger image)

RMC Women’s Rugby Team – 2000/01 Season

The club will begin practicing in the 2008/09 season and several exhibition games will be organized against club and school teams from the area. We’ll keep you posted on upcoming events! Come out and support the team during the fall season!

Club President: III Laura Locklin (24431)
Club Vice President: II Nicole Bach (24579)
Club Supervisor: Capt Kristin Topping (22428)
Coaching Staff: OCdt Chris McLeod (M0919) and Capt John Proctor (CDA HQ)

RMC to receive donation of a model War of 1812 ship

A model depicting HMS St. Lawrence, the largest Royal Navy ship to sail on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812, will be presented to the Commandant, Brigadier-General Tom Lawson, in the main entrance of Mackenzie Building at the Royal Military College (RMC) on April 22, 2008 with the event starting at 10:45 a.m.Built by master modeler, Louis Roosen, of Nanaimo, British-Columbia, the model is approx 1.4m (4 ½ “) long and took over 4000 hours of intense labour to complete. Mr. Roosen has been building model ships for close to 50 years and some of his creations are on display in the United-States, in Korea and at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. This model of the St. Lawrence has been appraised at a value of $63,000.00

Given the difficulties of transporting the model from B.C. to Ontario, the most economical way of getting the ship to Kingston was to drive it here. Accordingly, Mr. Peter Roosen, son of the model maker, made arrangements and will deliver the model on 22 April.

The original St. Lawrence (mounting 102 guns) was the only 1st Rate Ship-of-the-Line to serve on the Great Lakes and it was built and launched at the Kingston Naval Dockyard (now the site of the Royal Military College) on September 10, 1814. The St. Lawrence played a short, but important part in Canadian history and it is most appropriate that a model of this historic ship be displayed at RMC, the site of the Kingston Naval Dockyard, National Historic Site and part of the Rideau Canal / Kingston Fortifications UNESCO World Heritage Site.Don d’une maquette de navire de combat de 1812 au CMR

Une maquette du HMS St. Lawrence, le plus grand voilier de la Marine royale à avoir navigué sur le lac Ontario durant la Guerre de 1812, sera présentée au Brigadier général Tom Lawson, commandant, dans le hall principal de l’édifice Mackenzie du Collège militaire royal (CMR) le 22 avril 2008 commençant à 10 h 45.

Fabriquée par le maître modéliste, Louis Roosen, de Nanaimo, en Colombie Britannique, la maquette, dont la construction a exigé 4 000 heures de laborieux travail, fait environ 1,4 m (4,5 pi) de long. M. Roosen bâtit des maquettes de navires depuis près de 50 ans et certaines de ses pièces sont exposées aux États Unis, en Corée et au Musée maritime de Vancouver. Cette maquette du St. Lawrence est estimée à 63 000 $.

En raison des difficultés présentées par le transport de la maquette de la Colombie Britannique à l’Ontario, le moyen de transport le plus économique était par véhicule. Par conséquent, M. Peter Roosen, fils du modéliste, a fait les arrangements et arrivera à Kingston le 22 avril.

Le navire original du St. Lawrence (doté de 102 canons), seul navire de guerre de premier ordre à avoir servi sur les Grands Lacs, a été bâti au chantier naval de Kingston (site actuel du Collège militaire royal) et lancé le 10 septembre 1814. Le St. Lawrence a joué un bref mais important rôle dans l’histoire canadienne et il est tout à fait approprié qu’une maquette de ce navire historique soit exposée au CMR, site du chantier naval de Kingston, lieu historique national, et partie intégrante du canal Rideau/des Fortifications de Kingston, site du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO.


  • Andreas Kothleitner

    April 21, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    Go get ’em girls, if it was easy every one would play!
    Andreas Kothleitner
    17864 Former Scrum Half ’87-’91
    “I prefer rugby to soccer. I enjoy the violence in rugby, except when they start biting each other’s ears off.” – Elizabeth Taylor (1972)

  • Mike Hooper

    April 26, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    Congratulations to those responsible for this announcement – with both men’s and women’s rugby finally back at the college, the opportunity once again exists for a large number of motivated cadets to participate in a demanding sport – regardless of experience prior to arriving at RMC. A pity we lost 6 years of recruiting potential for female cadets.

    Go Get ‘Em Ladies!!

    20763 Mike Hooper
    Winger / Full-back Class of 97