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What’s Happening At RMC | Que se passe-t-il au CMR?

Varsity Teams Back EarlyWhile the majority of cadets were not due back to the college until the past weekend for the start-up of classes this past Monday, RMC varsity athletes were busy applying their skills at various locations across the country, over the holidays – highlighted by a year end trip to Calgary by the hockey team.

The hockey Paladins beat SAIT 4-3 in OT in their second game after being blown out 12-1 by the same team in the opener. In addition to hockey, the RMC team was exposed to Calgary hospitality. The RMC Club, Calgary Branch made arrangements for players and coaches to watch the Flames and the current Stanley Cup champs, Aneheim Ducks from a “Box” at the Saddledome – won by the Flames 5-3.

A good turnout by Ex cadets and friends at the Calgary Branch Christmas reception between games provided a social balance for the trip. Feedback from the RMC visitors was nothing but positive and highly appreciative for the effort put forth by their Calgary hosts.

It should be mentioned that the RMC Club / Foundation covered the travel expenses to Calgary for the hockey trip.


OUA League Play Resumes

Hockey, Basketball and Volleyball teams swung right back into action over the past weekend. For results and upcoming games check out www.oua.ca (Sport)


The Defence Construction Canada is seeking tenders to renovate gatehouses R02 and R06 for the new Military Law Centre at the Royal Military College in Kingston. The work includes the supply of labour, material, and equipment necessary for the general renovations to these two buildings including architectural, mechanical, electrical, communications and civil work. The estimated cost for this opportunity is in the order of $430,000.00. The tender closing date is: January 15, 2008 (Ref # 141816; Solicitation # KN079924). Those wishing to obtain a set of plans and specifications for this project must place an order with MERX by logging on their website or by calling 1 (800) 964-MERX (6379).

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