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Royal Military College of Canada 411

27472 III Eliza Bruce: An RMC insider’s perspective on campus life



Winter Concert Doesn’t Disappoint

The Winter Concert was held this past Friday, 2 Dec at the Cadet Mess in Yeo Hall. This year’s concert featured performances by the Brass and Reed, String Ensemble and Choir.

The large crowd enjoyed an entertaining festive musical event under the leadership of the multi /highly talented Band Master, Warrant Officer Aldwin Albino.

More photos from the concert – here


6 December, 1989: The College Remembers

By Dr Erika Behrisch Elce, English Department

On 6 December, 1989, fourteen women were murdered at École Polytechnique de Montréal simply because they were women. Each year since then, schools and public institutions across the country recognize 6 December as the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women.

This year RMC is participating in this important national commemoration by constructing four public installations around campus: in the entrance of Massey Library, the Senior Staff Mess, the Cadet Dining Hall, and on the third floor of Massey. Each display includes 14 pairs of women’s shoes, each pair representing one of the 14 women who died that day. Each installation is also slightly different, which allows passersby, as RMC’s Chief Librarian Sarah Toomey states, to “remember them in contrasting ways.

In the open, the shoes suggest it was but a moment ago that we lost them–their shoes are right here; enclosed in a museum case the shoes symbolize how precious these women’s lives were, and remind us how important it is to remember them, while acknowledging the very real distance of time.”

The installations at the Cadet Hall and Senior Staff Mess are open for people to approach closely and consider the empty spaces at the tables; the encased shoes in the entrance of Massey Library offer a reverential consideration of all that was lost in their deaths.

The fourth installation, on the third floor of Massey, is in the corridor through which students move on their way to class – a reminder of the spaces of learning that should be safe for everyone.

The whole college community contributed to the installations: each pair of shoes was donated by a member of RMC – professors, staff, military personnel, and students. Indeed, in answering the public request for support for the installations, so many shoes were anonymously donated that there were more shoes than there was room to put them. The generosity of the campus community won’t be lost, however: after the installations come down, all the shoes will be donated to Interval House, Kingston’s local women’s shelter. Thank you to all who contributed to these memorials.