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Michelle Whitty Off To Med School in Sept

22807 Capt Adjutant Michelle Whitty (RMC 2004) is a civil engineer and Combat Engineer Officer currently at the Mapping and Charting Establishment (MCE) which provides Geospatial Information and Geomatics Support to the Canadian Forces. She recently returned from a six-month tour of duty to Kandahar Airfield (KAF) as the Battle Group Engineer Plans Officer. In battle, the primary role of Engineers is to help the army live, move and fight while denying the same to the enemy. Capt Whitty conducted the coordination for the Field Engineer Squadron within the Battle Group; she ensured the engineer troops had the resources needed, at the right place and at the right time to properly support the entire Battle Group. While in KAF she was presented her General Campaign Star by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General.

Since graduating from RMC, Capt Michelle Whitty has continued to be heavily involved with the military swimming and lifesaving program . She has participated in many Conseil International de Sport Militaire (CISM) events over the past several years and continues to swim in Ottawa. Immediately after graduating from RMC, Capt Michelle Whitty stayed at RMC in 2005/6 to earn a Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering. Her thesis involved the development of a physiological three dimensional finite element model of a human tibia. Her research applied traditional civil engineering methods to the human body. The biomedical theme was a precurser to her current occupational transfer from Combat Engineering to the medical field. In September 2010 she will be starting her studies at the University of Ottawa to become a military doctor.



Former RMC Rugby Player Promoted

Wife has the honours

It has been a longtime Canadian Forces truism that the spouse (in the old days – the wife) in the family always holds one rank higher than the serving member. This was confirmed last week at CFB Edmonton.

If there was any doubt, 22336 Mark Beare (RMC 2002) experienced it first hand.  He was promoted to Major and it was his wife Melissa who actually had the honour of placing his new rank badge on her husband in a quiet presentation at CFB Edmonton.

Mark was a top rugby player while at the college and took part in many squadron and college events with enthusiasm – always displaying great spirit that was infectious!




Sohaila El Sagheir (RMC 2013) is currently a Research and Teaching assistant at the Royal Military College in Finite Element Modeling and Analysis. She is a doctoral candidate at RMC in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2009 – 2013 (expected).

Her research at RMC is in knee biomechanics and bone remodeling using finite element analysis. She has published two articles and one journal based on her Master thesis from

Queen’s U. Her undergraduate degree was from Alexandria University`s Faculty Of Engineering in 2000.