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24912 Jeremy Whalen ’11

By: Jennifer Ochej

2 Lt Jeremy Whalen convocated and was commissioned in May 2011, and things certainly didn’t slow down for him then! Just weeks later, on June 4, he was married to his beautiful wife Callyn, a 2011 graduate of Crandall University in Moncton, NB. After an “incredible” honeymoon cruise through the Adriatic Sea, during which they visited Dante’s tomb, rode in a gondola, and witnessed some traditional glass blowing, they returned to Canada and moved from Halifax to Ottawa, for Whalen’s first posting.

Originally from Halifax, Whalen grew up wanting to be a pilot. During two years at Bible college in New Brunswick, friends often (only half-jokingly) placed bets on how long it would be before he enlisted in the Canadian Forces; by the end of his second year, he was enrolled at RMC! Always a top student and athlete (an avid soccer player, Whalen played competitively and refereed through high school), he emerged quickly as one to watch and earned many honours including being named Cadet Wing Commander.

Working as Special Projects Officer in the Space Systems Group at Defense Research and Development Canada, Whalen seems to have jumped head first into all that is the Canadian Forces. One of his most surreal moments thus far, he says, was his first time being saluted since commissioning; the one saluting this young 2 Lt happened to be the Chief Warrant Officer! Whalen laughs when he says it took a moment or two to realize he was, in fact, the one being addressed.

This fall, he plans to begin his Law OPME, as well as traveling to British Columbia in September for Sea Survival training, and Manitoba in November for Primary Flight. No doubt he will also find time for a soccer league or two, and enjoy life in Ottawa with his wife and their new kitten, Todd. The future is bright for Jeremy Whalen, RMC class of 2011.

Bill & Rolande Oliver are the proud grandparents of the writer of this article Jennifer Ochej


Matthew V. Hartney former RMCC PG student and Paladins hockey goalie passes on the following information:

Please join me in congratulating 22421 Jason Maldonado on successfully completing his final examination requirement for Certified Management Accountants (CMA) of Ontario. This is a well deserved accomplishment that demonstrates years of hard work and dedication.

It will be a privilege to welcome Jason, a fellow Royal Military College MBA graduate, into the CMA community.

My understanding is that Jason is now eligible to submit his CMA certified membership application.

Jason’s contact information is listed below:

Health Canada | Santé Canada

180 Queen Street West, Floor 9

Toronto, Ontario M5V 3L7

Tel | tél: 416-973-5950 or Fax | téléc: 416-973-2166

Email: [email protected]




The RMC Athletic Department has a number of staff attending the CISM Military World Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The following RMC staff are in attendance; Patricia Howes (Fencing Coach), Head Coach Fencing Scott James (Bball Coach), Asst Coach Men’s Basketball Carolyn Welden (W Vball Coach), Head Coach Women’s Volleyball Kara Mazerolle (PE teacher), Assistant Coach Women’s Volleyball Kelly Lupton (PE Mgr), Acting Mgr Women’s Volleyball.  David Howes from the RMC. fencing team coaching staff is part of the Rio games coaching staff.