Where are they now? 9999 Patrick Machaud / CF Sr. Promotions & Appointments

9999 Patrick Machaud: Making a Difference His Own Way

 9999 Patrick Michaud,  RMC ‘74 lives in Oakville, Ontario and currently owns and operates Templar Associates Inc., a financial services business providing personalized corporate finance expertise and management leadership to businesses. Templar Associates provides a range of services; including consulting to secure equity and equity-related capital for emerging growth companies, financial operational assistance to support initial public offerings and other financings for more developed companies, crisis management and management of change to facilitate company turnarounds to profitability, and offering operational support to companies during periods of change.

Patrick is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Consortium on Antivirals, a Canadian not-for-profit unique institution seeking to rapidly transform world-class research into low-cost, anti-infective drugs and therapies with high-impact upon global health. Of particular current interest is a for-profit company he has founded this year to develop a low-cost portable medical delivery device for the use of gaseous nitric oxide, and plans to conduct clinical trials in India and commercialize the device in conjunction with gaseous nitric oxide for use in multi-drug resistant tuberculosis patient populations.

Over the past 30 years, he has served as a Chief Financial Officer to public and private companies in several industries; including media, biotechnology, merchant banking, and specialty retailing. Patrick earned an MBA from the University of Western Ontario (’80), a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering from the Royal Military College (’74), and has several financial certifications, including a Certified General Accountant designation.


Minister MacKay announces additional Canadian Forces senior promotions and appointments

The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, is pleased to announce additional senior Canadian Forces (CF) promotions and appointments for 2012. These officers lead the CF in defending Canada’s values, interests, and sovereignty at home and abroad.

“These promotions and appointments ensure that our Canadian Forces continue to benefit from the strong leadership that they deserve,” said Minister MacKay. “The extensive knowledge and experience these General and Flag Officers possess are essential to Canadian Forces operations and effectiveness.”

“The men and women of Canadian Forces are fortunate to have these proven and professional leaders appointed to their new posts. I also want to thank Lieutenant-General Walter Semianiw for his service throughout his career and most recently for his leadership as the Commander of Canada Command,” said 12320 General Walt Natynczyk, Chief of the Defence Staff. “I am proud of all of our senior leaders as they assume their new posts. Equally, I appreciate the sacrifice they and their families make in order to serve Canada.”

In addition to those announced in March, the following promotions and appointments for CF senior officers involving Ex cadets will take place in 2012:

13337 Lt.-Gen. S.A. Beare will be appointed Commander Canadian Joint Operations Command, in Ottawa;

13718 Maj.-Gen. J.G.J.C. Collin will be appointed Commander 1 Canadian Division, in Kingston;

14274 Maj.-Gen. A.J. Howard will be appointed Chief of Transformation Implementation at National Defence Headquarters, in Ottawa;

14245 Brig.-Gen. R.D. Foster will be promoted Maj.-Gen. and appointed Deputy Commander (Continental) Canadian Joint Operations Command, in Ottawa;


14474 Brig.-Gen. D.B. Millar will be promoted Maj.-Gen. and remain Military Advisor to the Privy Council Office, in Ottawa;

13666 Brig.-Gen. S.P. Noonan will be promoted Maj.-Gen. and appointed Deputy Commander (Operational Support) Canadian Joint Operations Command, in Ottawa;

13260 Brig.-Gen. M.K. Overton will be appointed Assistant Chief of Military Personnel, in Ottawa;

14069 Col. M.J. Pearson will be promoted Brig.-Gen. (acting while so employed) and appointed Commander Canadian Contingent Operation Proteus, in Jerusalem, Israel.

Source  (If we missed any Ex Cadets – please let us know with a comment below)

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  • Col J.J.RS Bernier

    May 28, 2012 at 9:05 am

    13712 Col J.J.R.S. Bernier will be promoted BGen and appointed Surgeon General, Director General Health Services and Commander of the Canadian Forces Health Services Group.

    Ed note: Our apology to the soon to be SG!