Teardown of Strong Point MUSHAN

AR2009-JJ013-(1 to 326) 26 April 2009 Mushan, Afghanistan. ISAF and CF assist ANSF in the teardown of Strong Point MUSHAN. MCpl Jonathan Johansen , JTFK Image Tech, Afghanistan Roto 7Joint Task Force Afghanistan (JTF-Afg) is the Canadian Forces (CF) contribution to the international effort in Afghanistan. Its operations focus on working with Afghan authorities to improve security, governance and economic development in Afghanistan. JTF-Afg comprises more than 2,750 CF members. Most of them serve at Kandahar Airfield or Camp Nathan Smith, the home of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar City. CF members also work at various military headquarters and support bases in southwest Asia, and with civilian organizations in Afghanistan.MCpl Jonathan Johansen , JTFK Image Tech, Afghanistan Roto 7

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