Who am I?

Who Am I?

Researched by E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC 2003)

  • I was born in 1860. According to the Dominition Annual Register and Review, I was admitted as a Cadet at the Royal Military College in Kingston in 1878.
  • I am considered responsible for instigating “Penny Sabbath” (Copper Sunday) as an event between 1878 and 1882 with the assistance and encouragement from my classmates.
  • I became an accountant.
  • I served as secretary treasurer and chief accountant, Quebec Railway Light and Power Co.
  • I married Elizabeth Schwartz in 1887, she was the daughter of Mr William Anthony Schwartz, head of the Norwegian and Swedish Consulates, and resident Consul of Quebec. Recipes for Cream of Celery Soup, Venison Steak, Stewed Sweetbreads, Lobster Stew, Orange Float, preserved tomatoes and Apple Batter Pudding are attributed to my wife in `My Pet Recipes, Tried and True` (1900). The recepes were contributed by the Ladies and Friends of St. Andrew’s Church, Quebec. The recipes can be read online http://manybooks.net/titles/various2182621826-8.html
  • We lived in in Quebec and had one son, Harold Anthony Saxton who served as a captain in the Royal Field Artillery during WWI and later moved to Florida where he had a photographic studio.
  • I became Royal Danish Vice-Consul and Vice-Consul for Sweden and Norway and resident Consul of Quebec.
  • I contributed to an “Aide-Mémoire for the use of Officers of Royal Engineers“ in 1878.
  • The RMC Club “Proceedings” were first published thanks to my efforts in 1891. This was the predecessor of The Review, the Log of HMS Stone Frigate, the Club Newsletter, Veritas and E-Veritas.
  • I wrote “Royal Military College Club of Canada. Reference book containing information respecting the graduates, ex-cadets and gentleman cadets of the Royal Military College of Canada“ which was privately printed in 1892. I noted that for every graduated cadet that was in either the Canadian Permanent Force or the public service of Canada, 2 served in the Imperial forces and 2 employed as civilian engineers. The book can be read online http://openlibrary.org/a/OL6123143A
  • Le Colon, a paddle wheel steamer 79x24x4, was built in 1894 for me by H. J. Beemer of Roberval, Canada with an 13×12 engine by Carrier Laîné, Sorel. The steamer was used for service two or three times a week between Roberval and Mistassini (across the Lac St Jean on the Saguenay River) from 1895 until I sold it in 1907.
  • I served as secretary treasurer of the RMC Club of Canada in 1899. In December 21, 1899 I transmitted a list of graduates who had contacted me to offer their services in South Africa during the Boer War to the Minister of the Militia and Defence.
  • I was an active stamp collector aned contributor to the Canadian Journal of Philately. As a Captain, I served as president of the Canadian Philatelic Association from 1892-97. I served as president of the Dominion Philatelic Association in Canada in 1901.
  • I was recommended for appointment as Major in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean battallion of the active militia in 1899.
  • In 1901-2, I served as Secretary of the Lodge of Perfection in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of the Valley of Quebec
  • As Lieut-Col., I served as Commander of the 15th Infantry Quebec in 1912. I was also appointed Chairman to the Board of Visitors, Royal Military College.
  • I advertised as a chartered accountant with Canada Cement Bldg in the Canadian Jewish Review – offering greetings at Chanukah (Nov 30, 1934 & Dec 20, 1935) and Passover (April 7 1933 & April 19, 1935)
  • The Canadian Philatetic Society Bulletin noted that when I died at my home in Montreal on March 13, 1936 at 77 years of age, I was the oldest continuous member of the Canadian Philatelic Society. I kept my interest up in philately until the very end.
  • I was the first ex-cadet elected to Honourary Life Membership to the RMC Club of Canada.

a) No. 45. Edward Thorton Taylor
b) No. 46 William Henry Hewitt
c) No. 47 Ernest Frederick Würtele
d) No. 48 Alexander King Kirkpatrick
e) No. 49 Fred Hamilton Powell
f) No. 50 Ralph Dinking Avery


H47 Ernest F Wurtelec) 47 Lt. Colonel (Ret`d) Ernest Frederick Würtele

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