OCdts. On Parade


By: 25436 Matt Telfser

Before RMC:

-Born in Montreal

-Attended D’Arcy McGee High school

– Was active in Cadets

-Entered RMC on a Dominion Scholarship

-Chose RCEME as his corps

While At RMC:

-Had the nickname of Small Paul

-memorable ‘friendly’ singing competitions during second summer training against local airforce officers

-Played Volley Ball for the college in first year

-CWSO in fourth year

After RMC:

-Went to McGill University for Mechanical Enginerring, graduating in ‘54

-Joined Clarke Steamship Company Ltd for marine transportation. Starting as a Port Engineer and working his way up to Executive Vice-President in 1977.

-When Clarke Steamship was sold, he joined Northern Transportation Company Ltd, eventually making  Vice-President.

-Was in the Grenadier Guards for many years, an infantry reserve regiment in Montreal

-Met his wife, Doreen, on a blind date to a New Years Eve Party in ’56, marrying her a year and a half later.

-Had 5 children, all boys!

-Ritired in 1996, to live in Edmonton.

-Enjoys golfing, skiing, hiking, and the Beauty of the Rockies.

Who am I?

a) 3081 P.M. Price;

b) 3024 P.S. Chisholm;

c) 3080 P.A. Preville

d) 3100 P. Ward


Who am I?

c) 3080 Paul Alexander Preville

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