Who Am I?

“We will succeed. We will not fail. …(he)……….told reporters at a news conference in St Hubert, Quebec. …(He) said the number of Warriors and the type of weapons they carried placed the army in a “very delicate situation.”


The Daily Gazette 29 August, 1990





  • While at Roads he became an outstandding cadet, winning trophies in both of his 2 years for all-round cadetship;
  • He was best known for his “jaw breaking” right hook in college boxing;
  • Played in the first official varsity hockey game at Constantine Arena;
  • Served with the Canadian Airborne Regiment;
  • Rose through the Officer ranks to become Commander, Force Mobile Command;
  • Chief of Defence Staff instructed him to take charge in the Oka crisis over barricades placed by members of the Mohawk nation in a land dispute;
  • He also deployed Canadian troops during the Gulf War;
  • Following retirement from the CF; he became an Assistant Deputy Minister for Health;
  • He was Guest Speaker at the 1st Annual Airborne Memorial Parade and Dinner, held at CFB Petawawa, 2nd & 3rd June 2007; and
  • He is a Governor of Royal Roads University.


Who Is he?

a) 5315 Bob Alden;

b) 6454 William Leach;

c) 4905 Kent Foster; or

d) H3536 Jack Vance


c) 4905 Kent Foster



One Comment

  • Kent Foster

    January 16, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Standing beside me through out the Oka crisis was an outstanding young officer who is now your Commandant General Tremblay. It is nice to know that I have not slipped off the nominal roll into the “where are they” group. Salut…. Eric!