Who am I…?

Who am I…?

While at RMC I was a member of the varsity hockey Redmen and played for “The Major”.

I started out after graduation as a CELE Officer with 1st Canadian Signals Regiment in Kingston.

  • I attended medical school at McMaster University, and interned there before becoming a general duty medical officer.

  • I served as Base Surgeon in Shilo, Manitoba, and in Winnipeg before training in orthopaedic surgery.

  • While in Shilo I played Base hockey and for a local senior team.

  • Prior to retirement, I was Head of the Orthopedic Section at the National Defense Medical Centre in Ottawa.

  • During the First Gulf War, I was Commanding Officer, Canadian National Medical Augmentation Team, a Canadian team of 13 medical professionals deployed to the Gulf aboard the USNS Mercy, a 1,000-bed US Navy hospital ship. For this, I received a Certificate of Commendation from the United States Navy and acknowledgement and thanks from the Minister of National Defense.

  • After leaving the military, I ultimately settled in Syracuse, NY, where I worked at Upstate Medical University as a general orthopedist, and trauma surgeon.

Am I…?

a. 8378 Bas Wheeler

b. 7675 Ken MacCauley

c.7602 Tom Smallman or

d. 6810 Gilles Nappert

And the answer is…

c. 7602 Tom Smallman

One Comment

  • Maj (Ret'd) Volker Paslat

    August 11, 2014 at 11:15 am

    With a “resume” such as this, this can only be Dr. T. Smallman.

    I had the destinct pleasure of having been treated by Dr. Smallman as an orthopedic patient during his tenure (and my posting) at CFB Winnipeg circa 1979-1984. At the risk of sounding “gushy”, he was then, and as he has always been, very personable, forthright and above all compassionate. He wore the rank, but was never “confused” as to the nature of his profession: patient care and well being is the priority.