Who Are They?


  • Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean BAdm, Administration

  • Cranfield University – Cranfield School of Management (Combat Arms Fighting Systems Course, Military Technology and Project Management)

  • Université du Québec en Outaouais – MSc, Project Management

  • Was an infantry officer for over 20 years, including operational command in Bosnia and staff appointments in Kuwait, national headquarters, and the Directorate of Army Training;

  • Author of the book, Brilliant Manoeuvres: How to Use Military Wisdom to Win Business Battles.

I) Who is He?

a.  14677 Pierre Bell;

b.  14694 Roger Castilloux;

c.  14786 Michel Leclerc; or

d.  14797 Richard Martin



 II) Who is He?

a.  12631 Ken Walker;

b.  13068 Peter Atkinson;

c.  13121 Chris Kay; or

d. 13143 Mark McQuillen


  • Played football while at Royal Military College of Canada;

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Military History;

  • United States Army War College – Masters in Strategic Studies, National Security and Strategy Policy;

  • Former Base Commander – CFB Kingston;

  • Commander of a Deployed Task Force in the Former Yugoslavia;

  • Executive Officer to the Chief of the Defence Staff;

  • Deputy Commanding General III United States Armoured Corps;

  • Chief of Staff to Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Canadian Forces;

  • Served in the Canadian Forces for 35 years;

  • Independent Consultant; current interests: Golf, Hunting, Fishing, Soccer, Cycling and Community Service.



III) Who Is He?

a. 16598 Scott Stevenson;

b. 16538 Wayne Ermel;

c. 16557 Brian Irwin; or

d. 16519 James Belovich

  • Royal Roads Military College – Bachelor of Arts, Military and Strategic Studies;

  • Rugby player at RRMC;

  • Queen’s University – Master of Public Administration, Defence Management;

  • Infantry Officer: 3rd Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment & Operations Staff, Special Service Force Headquarters;

  • Canadian Forces Intelligence Officer;

  • Economist – Finance Canada;

  • Director: Cabinet Liaison & General Policy Coordination;

  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure and Environment).


IV) Who is He?

He was born in Quebec in 1883.

He graduated from the Royal Military College, Kingston in 1904.

He became a Dominion land surveyor in 1910 and an Alberta land surveyor in 1911.

He married Claudia Bowen Bates in 1911; the couple had three children, Morna, James and Frederic.

He served as Chief Engineer of Irrigation at the Department of Works in Calgary from 1911 to 1923.

From 1924 to 1948 he was Surveyor-General of Canada, and during this period he also served as the Chief of Hydrographic and Map Services. A mountain in Alberta and a lake in BC were named in his honour.

He died on November 20, 1982 in Kingston, On at 100 years of age.

His fonds [graphic material, textual record, architectural drawing] 1889-1946 in Library and Archives Canada pertain to surveying, cartography and geography, specifically to the construction of canals (e.g. to the Milk River and St. Mary River irrigation scheme in southern Alberta).

Who is He?

a) 592 John Byrne

b) 532 Elton Ibbotson Leonard

c) 537 Edwin Woodman (Woody) Leonard

d) 567 Frederic Hatheway Peters

e) 542 James Conrad Porteous




 I) d.  14797 Richard Martin; II) b.  13068 Peter Atkinson; III) a. 16598 Scott Stevenson.


IV) Answer: d) 567 Frederic Hatheway Peters.

Places Named by/for F.H. Peters include Peters Lake, B.C. and Mount Peters, Alberta.

See: The Canadian Who’s Who, 1948, p. 753.



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