Who Said It

Who Said It?

1. “A well-aged dankness in the Stone Frigate, the oldest dormitory at Kingston’s Royal Military College, is reputed to be ideally suited to the cultivation of spiders, the common cold and a strong character. Residents of the 180-year-old former naval warehouse, which is separated from the other dorms by Parade Square, have long seen the ability to endure their barracks’ inhospitable clime as a mark of fortitude.”

a) 7269 Robert Brown

b) 15946 Jill Carleton

c) 16955 Pat Dray

d) 7776 Chris Lythgo


2. “You will be called upon to take your place in modern Canada and in the modern world…. You will also be called upon to lead…and a leader must stand for something. You must not only be aware of who you are. You must also be defined by what you do.”

a) Tony O’Keeffe

b) 7264 Ross Betts

c) 9318 Dave Bindernagel

d) H22982 Adrienne Clarkson


3. “[T]his is an exercise in Nation Building: In the way that water transforms into ice by building around a single crystal, perhaps the new Canada could do worse than to build around the experiences and values of the new RMC.”…”We educate those who pass through this place Royal Military College of Canada exactly so that they will fully understand and be a part of the culture they are called upon to defend.”

a) 6496 JCA Emond

b) 3237 JS Mothersill

c) H24263 JS Cowan

d) 9098 KC Hague


4. “I am confident that The RMC Battalion of Gentlemen Cadets, which will be re-born after this war is over will typify in the future all the best College tradition we have known in the past”

a) 151 AC Macdonell

b) 749 Harry Crerar

c) 621 CF Constantine

d) 1137 DR Agnew


5. the “spirit” of the Royal Military College of Canada’s graduates, “no less than their military attainments, exercised a potent influence in fashioning a force which, in fighting efficiency, has never been excelled.”

a) 7301 Earle Morris

b) Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie

c) 15673 Joe Morin

d) 16455 Tim Lannan


6. “RMC has a proud history of excellence and is fundamental in training future leaders of the Canadian Forces,”

a) 12192 Tom Lawson

b) 11623 John Carswell

c) S147 Bill Graham

d) 6776 Tim Sparling


7. “Overall, the training that I was involved in since graduating from RMC prepared me very well for my tour in Afghanistan. I found myself constantly relying on the basic principles of leadership. Leading by example was by far the most important aspect.”

a) 19033 Nick Grimshaw

b) 22807 Michelle Whitty

c) 14274 Alan Howard

d) 24048 Sugumar Prabhakaran


8. “The professionalism of the Canadian Forces is, in large part, founded on learning and knowledge. The Canadian Defence Academy, the Military and Staff Colleges and the Royal Military College of Canada, all play a critical role in creating and ensuring knowledge in the defence community.”[

a) 22350 Nicolas Desjardins

b) 7076 John van Haastrecht

c) Laurie Hawn

d) 4459 Ed Murray


9. “[At] the Royal Military College where a bulk of our new officers start their career, start their education, we have 200 spots open for August [2007]. We have 1,500 people who have applied and completed the application process to go to those 200 spots. That is a 7½ to one ratio and we get the opportunity to select the very best from it. As a result, our quality of applicants and the quality of the recruits, the level of fitness and the imagination and the success in completing the courses has skyrocketed in a way that we couldn’t even dream about before.”

a) 5611 Gerry Stowe

b) 5780 Bernie Laliberte

c) S148 Rick Hillier

d) 15008 David Morgan


10. “…RMC never taught me how to lead a platoon attack or conduct a Shurah with local Afghan elders, but it has taught me three vital ideas that all officers should adhere to. Truth means leading soldiers from the front and being honest to them at all times. Duty means being there at the front when the bullets start flying because the private soldier that I have just told to assault an enemy position needs to know that I am committed to achieving the mission with him. Valour means taking the difficult orders and making them my own, in spite of the fear of the unknown or the chances that we are taking.”

a) 22862 Jeremy Hiltz

b) 19033 Nick Grimshaw

c) 22807 Michelle Whitty

d) 24048 Sugumar Prabhakaran


11. “The Royal Military College is a higher education institution that plays an essential role for the Canadian Forces and for our country…Throughout the ranks, the leadership of the Canadian Forces is smart, flexible and adaptive. And a good deal of the credit for this should go to the Royal Military College… This is a vital national institution. Here, today, much of tomorrow’s military leadership is being forged… RMC will continue to provide the professional development that the CF needs to successfully face the challenges that surely lay ahead.”[

a) Brian Mulroney

b) Peter MacKay

c) Paul Hellyer

d) Stephen Harper


1. a) 7269 Robert Brown

2. d) H22982 Adrienne Clarkson

3. c) H24263 JS Cowan

4. b) 749 Harry Crerar

5. b) Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie

6. c) S147 Bill Graham

7. a) 19033 Nick Grimshaw

8. c) Laurie Hawn

9. c) S148 Rick Hillier

10. a) 22862 Jeremy Hiltz

11. b) Peter MacKay