XCIV Class Graduates – One more step completed in the journey

Big Day for Many

The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence and Chancellor of the Royal Military College of Canada, presented more than 300 graduating students with their Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees at the College in Kingston – thursday, 16 May.

The graduates included commissioned officers, civilians as well as officer cadets and naval cadets who will be commissioned as officers in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) tomorrow. Minister MacKay called on the Class of 2013 to apply what they have learned at the Royal Military College of Canada as future leaders for Canada and the CAF.

“The Royal Military College of Canada had high expectations of all of you, and you have all met those challenges head-on,” said Minister MacKay. “You will go on from here to be leaders and I’m proud to celebrate this significant milestone with you.”

The Minister also presented Honorary Doctorates to recognize the contributions of two outstanding individuals: Dr. Margaret Somerville, AM (Member of the Order of Australia), FRSC (Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada) Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, and the Founding Director of the Faculty of Law’s Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University; and Mr. William (Bill) Coyle, Provincial Vice Chair of the Canadian Forces Liaison Council and active member of the commercial and military aerospace communities.

“I offer sincere congratulations to our two honorary degree recipients,” said Minister MacKay. “Each of these individuals has lead with distinction in their fields and made great strides for the betterment of research and professionalism.” Source

Pre Convocation Luncheon at Senior Staff Mess

How the Graduates feel about Graduating (and their families of course)!

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Last thursday, the many graduates of 2013 walked on stage to receive their diplomas from the Chancellor of RMCC, Defence Minister Peter MacKay, witnessed by the Commandant of RMCC, Brigadier General Eric Tremblay and Principal of RMCC, Dr. Joel J. Sokolsky. These students range from bachelors to doctorates and achieved recognition for their years of hard work. Walking off the stage one can see tears in the eyes of the families and friends who have supported the graduates through their long road to a degree.

Here are some of the accounts from the graduates who walked across the stage and the families who have been behind them the entire time:

Newly commissioned Acting Sub-Lieutenant Alaina Wade had some words to say about the graduating from RMCC. She says it’s been a long four years and it almost doesn’t feel like it’s really happening. She looks forward to heading out to Esquimalt for her MARS training and reminds students at RMC to keep a positive attitude and push past the hard parts. She is excited to move on and try something new in her military career.

The parents of 2nd Lieutenant Emily Murray said that they are very excited to see her graduating and that it’s been a long journey supporting her. She began at CMR and as her parents they have been continuing to support her by attending parades and frequent skyping sessions. To any other Officer Cadets or people thinking of attending RMCC they say go for it, it’s been a great experience and it’s worthwhile to stick with it because of the great discipline and education that the Officer Cadets have by the end. Her grandparents say that they’ve been rooting for her the whole time and it’s been a pleasure to get to see the Sunset Parade as well!

As a graduate, 2nd Lieutenant Devin Kruk says that after four years it feels great to be graduating but he will miss all his navy and air force friends who he won’t get to see for a while. It feels unreal, he says, but he’s looking forward to moving onto the next step in life, getting trade qualified and posted to a regiment. His words of advice to remaining Officer Cadets are to remember to smile and get through the stuff that sucks. He says there are a lot of great things at RMCC that people don’t realize until they leave.

The parents of Air Traffic Control Officer Genevieve Robert say that it’s strange with Graduation Parade being the last parade they will see here after so many years. They may come back after reunion weekend but graduation is a great moment of extreme pride for them. Three years after leaving their daughter at RMCC with tears in their eyes, they’ve returned for every Reunion Weekend, Graduation Parade and encouraged Kingston’s economy with hotel rooms and restaurants. Especially with her being on the Varsity Volleyball team it gave many opportunities for them to visit. To any first years or aspiring first years Genevieve’s parents say they should stay under the radar; don’t get noticed for the wrong reasons and just work hard.

Acting Sub-Lieutenant Sonia Allison says it is surreal to finally walk through the arch. She says she didn’t expect it to be such a big deal but finally marching under the arch is very exciting. She says there have been tough times but she has met people at RMCC who will be her best friends for the rest of her life and will help get her through the tough times ahead of her. She looks forward to passing her expertise onto subordinate officers and helping make the Canadian Forces a better place.

With this stage of their lives behind them the graduates now look towards their final phase training and greater careers in the future.



 List of those who received Degrees at the convocation…