Year-end message from Bill & Rolande & Tips from Dr. Darrell Menard for the New Year

First of all, a big thank you to all of our readers who have stepped-up and donated to our fundraiser.  Although the final $$$ count is not in we are confident that we have exceeded our goal.

With our next Issue, in the New Year, we will post all the details. In the meantime, even though we have crossed the finish line, late donations will be gladly accepted. A list of our ‘supporters’ and how to donate can be found here.

Soon (31 December) our current Executive Director, Greg Mitchell will be leaving us. We want to wish Greg much success in the future. At the same time, we welcome Bill Griffis who will be settling into the E.D. position the first week of January.

For ourselves, we are not sure what the future holds. If this were a ball game, I believe we would be starting the 19th inning. The good news!  We have a closer in the bullpen in Anna-Michelle Shewfelt. Also, a new skipper (E.D.) waiting on the sidelines anxious to put his mark on things.

Not sure if this fits, however, we will be taking a few walks in the snow over the winter to help us to decide what is best for the Club and what is best for us.

We are very thankful for all the help we received putting out these 50 Issues during 2018. We expect that this will be the last Issue for the year. If an unexpected and emergency announcement is required – we will send it out with Issue 50 ‘Extra’.

In closing, we do not have any words of wisdom to pass on except to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and / or Happy Holidays to everyone.

Bill & Rolande

P. S.We may not have any words of wisdom for the holidays, but our good friend, Dr. Darrell Menard sure does:

Nous nous excusons de ne pas avoir cet article traduit nous avons eu des problèmes dernièrement.  Tous nos meilleurs voeux pour un joyeux Noël et la Nouvelle Année.


More Active Living Thieves!

Article by: Dr. Darrell Menard

Darrell Menard

The New Year is once again rapidly approaching and at this time of year many people make New Year’s resolutions aimed at improving their quality of life. Congratulations! This is a great idea for all of us regardless of how healthy we think our lifestyles are.  Here are some active living suggestions to add to your New Year’s resolution list:

1.       Start a life of organized crime by becoming an exercise thief.  Exercise thieves are always looking for opportunities to steal some exercise in their busy lives.  They get their steps in while they shop; they use the time between flights to walk around the airport; they take the stairs and not the elevator and they take their children to hockey practice and go for a run while the other parents freeze to death watching from the stands. When you start looking at the world from this perspective even the busiest people find the time they need to exercise regularly.

2.       Walk a minimum of 10,000 steps/day and don’t let bad weather stop you. If the weather is truly horrible, stay indoors and do your walking in a shopping mall, on an indoor track, on a treadmill or in the building you work in.

3.       Once or twice daily, spend 5 minutes doing core strengthening exercises. Do planks or push-ups with hands on your desk, sideway planks on the floor or simple squats bringing your arms up as you go down!  All great exercises for your back!

4.       Regularly take your partner, children, friends or your dog out for some exercise – the chances are their bodies need this as much as your body does.  This doesn’t have to be an Olympic intensity workout, it could be something as simple as riding your bikes to the grocery store or enjoying a free skate.  The important issue is for all of you to get moving.

5.       Try something “New” in the New Year – give yoga a try, check out your local curling club, learn to swim, skate or ride a bike, try old timers soccer, etc. Learning new skills is an excellent way to help you remain active throughout your life.

Happy holidays and remember that “Exercise is Medicine!”

Dr. Darrell Menard OMM MD, Dip Sport Med

Dr. Menard is the Surgeon General’s specialist advisor in sports medicine and has worked extensively with athletes from multiple sports.  As part of the Strengthening the Forces team he works on injury prevention and promoting active living.

Strengthening the Forces is CAF/DND’s healthy lifestyles promotion program providing expert information, skills and tools for promoting and improving CAF members’ health and well-being.


  • Bas Wheeler

    December 17, 2018 at 11:48 am

    Bill, Just wanted to say “thank you” to you and Rolande for all the work you put into this weekly newsletter. Wishing you and your family all the best now and in the future, wherever that walk in the snow takes you!

  • Garth Jonah

    December 17, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    Bill and Rolande, many thanks for the time and effort that you have devoted to RMC over these many years. The introduction of E-veritas was a great idea and your efforts with it have done much to keep us ex-cadets up to date with the going-ons of the current college as well as the news and events of fellow ex-cadets. Bravo Zulu!

  • 10966 Michel Maisonneuve

    December 17, 2018 at 2:27 pm

    Bill et Rolande, merci pour une autre année bien remplie. Joyeux Noël à vous et votre famille de Barbara et moi. Happy New Year whatever you may decide to do! You have been stellar in your support to the Colleges and the Club.

  • James R Lawson

    December 17, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    Thank you very much for giving me a pleasurable and informative tie back to the college and all of the activities going on. Reading each issue has been a great pleasure.

  • 11766 James Philip Doherty

    December 18, 2018 at 12:44 am

    Dear Bill & Rolande, I had the good fortune of gaining a greater understanding and appreciation for the Herculean effort that you put expend gladly behind the scenes of this very proud publication. Thanks to you, e-Veritas supplies Ex-Cadets with tremendous insights into the lives of cadets, our fellow alumni, and issues concerning our military colleges that continue to build strong leaders for Canada. Wishing you simple indulgence and great joy this Christmas season. With much admiration, James

  • Doug (Shag) Southen

    December 20, 2018 at 9:10 pm

    Bill, many thanks to you and Rolande for your outstanding work, too often taken for granted, in keeping this lifeline to ex-cadets and the RMC family up and running. As you know, I surely do appreciate the newsletter and your efforts to keep it running, in spite of the many challenges. If you do choose retirement, trust me, retirement is very good. All the best in 2019!
    Doug aka Shag

  • Don Lovell

    December 21, 2018 at 5:22 pm

    Congratulations and thank you Bill and Rolande for your many years of dedicated service to the Club, Colleges, Cadets and Ex-Cadets. Enjoy those walks over the crisp snow. I will be sending you both some good thoughts of Christmas Cheer while I navigate the puddles in Victoria.

  • Sam Samplonius

    December 22, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    I always love our collaboration meetings filled with smiles & laughter, and always look forward to the next.
    All the best of the season to you and Rolande with warmest regards and admiration for all you both do!