Year in Review: The First Half of 2018

Our most-viewed stories from January to March 2018:

1. 23314 Dawn Dussault, has accomplished a great deal in a few short years

2. The way I saw it – ‘loss of privileges’ order

3. Class of 1970 sponsored AWOD: ‘Doug’ Hargreaves & ‘Ted’ Tromanhauser 2 inductees for 2018

4. BGen Sébastien Bouchard, Commandant RMC, on Leadership, the SSAV and the State of the College / Le Bgén Sébastien Bouchard, commandant du CMR, sur le leadership, la VAEM spéciale et la situation du Collège

5. “Strength in Depth” – A look into the world of Royal Canadian Navy Clearance Divers

6. Special presentation on parade square…

7. 18129 Kathryn Foss: Agent of Change – Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

8. 11766 James Doherty has lived and experienced enough for 2 lifetimes…maybe more

9. 9473 Dale Carl: Taking Ryerson’s MBA to the Top

10. 5586 Ian and Rosemary Mottershead: Fulfilling the Dreams of RMC Cadets

Our most-viewed stories from April to June 2018:

1.‘Zinger’ takes over as Chief of the Air Force

2. RMC Commandant pulls no punches at Toronto Dinner

3. 27714 Officer Cadet (III) Navarre Hebb: The way I see it – ‘loss of privileges’ order – quite a different perspective

4. Some Contemporary Thoughts on an Old Document

5. Wise Squadron Commander passes on career lasting tip

6. Commandant pulls off 3 surprises on parade square

7. Military skills competition (aka Sandhurst competition) at West Point

8. Convocation: Meet the Class of 2018

9. 12570 Mike Kennedy has much to say concerning leadership at RMC – past & present

10. 23843 Erin McEachern Ryan: Daughter, Sister, Ex Cadet; Medical Doctor; Wife & Mother

One Comment

  • Mike Kennedy #12570

    December 17, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    Does anyone know whatever became of Dawn Dussault ? Sounds like she was having a tough time there at the time the article was published in April. Hopefully she is doing OK now.